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This category exists to provide helpful information regarding the use of E-mail on the internet for both novice and experienced user alike.

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How Stuff Works: E-mail* - Thorough description of how the Internet's e-mail system works, including SMTP and POP3.

  • E-mail Replies - Tips on implementing mail policies, etiquette, rules and internet management software internet to improve the effectiveness of business internet communications.
  • The Mutt E-Mail Client - Documentation for this text-based mail client for Unix faqs, help, and internet tutorials operating systems.
  • Pine Information Center - Official web page for this Unix based mail faqs, help, and tutorials program by Computing and Communications at the University faqs, help, and tutorials of Washington.
  • Dan's Mail Format Site - Includes guidelines on quoting and attachments, information about internet headers, and internet mail client configuration.
  • A Beginner's Guide to Effective E-mail - Write e-mail messages that will get noticed, read, internet properly understood, internet and responded to.
  • Managing the E-mail Explosion - PC Magazine article, provides a list of tips and tricks for managing today\'s seemingly endless flow of e-mail.
  • Flash Your E-mail - Spice-up your messages with a Flash signature file.
  • Managing Incoming Email: What Every User Needs to Know - Report explaining how users can cope with increasing internet amounts of internet e-mail.[PDF]
  • Composing E-mail Messages - Explains the steps taken in composing, replying to, e-mail and sending internet messages.
  • E-mail Resources - Tips and tricks, beginner\\'s articles, software downloads, spam management, and e-mail general help. From About.com
  • eMailman - Coverage of all issues related to the usage internet of e-mail.
  • How to Cope with too Much E-mail - Learn the cause of this problem and some possible solutions.
  • Learn the Net: Harnessing E-mail - Explains the features and usage of e-mail step e-mail by step. From About.com: Internet for Beginners.

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