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Recognition for sites that feature reviews. Minimal criteria includes requirement that sites be English language, created by non-professionals and maintain good layout.

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  • ACE Awards - Offers free awards to all sites for creativity on the web site awards in Web site design.
  • EOTL Awards - Four free awards that only require Webmaster notification.
  • Ass Kickin' Music Website Award - Offers awards to music Web sites for classic on the web site awards rock, southern rock, rock and roll, heavy metal, on the web site awards blues, and jazz.
  • Nancy's Celtic Awards - Program for sites that present the Celtic culture on the web best of the web in an informative, entertaining and educational context.
  • Sacred Feminine Award - Graphics awarded to sites that promote healing, love on the web best of the web and peace.
  • The Butterfly Site Award - Award graphic for well-designed family-safe sites with easy site awards navigation.
  • Awards By EternitE - Reviews for seven awards that recognize hard work and diligent best of the web effort in website creation.
  • The Drivel Award - Awarded to sites that feature light-hearted content. No on the web other posted criteria.
  • Maestro Awards of Excellence - Program evaluates site excellence and presentation in a number of categories and subjects. Also includes tutorials, articles about awards and a free awards organizer.
  • AdesAward - Award for creative Web design and unique content. Includes basic criteria and winners list.
  • XAM Project Award - Individual award for general site excellence. Includes simple criteria and online application.
  • The Amateur Webmaster Awards - Two award levels offered to amateur webmasters.
  • Triumph PC Webdesign Award - Monthly award based on overall aesthetic quality and on the web design execution.
  • 2005 Technology Impact Awards - The Technology Impact Awards is a premier awards on the web on the web program devoted to promoting and celebrating innovation and on the web on the web high-tech excellence.
  • Webby Awards - The leading international award honoring excellence on the on the web Internet including Websites, interactive advertising and online film on the web and video.
  • Diehl Design Awards - Awards given to sites reflecting creativity and general on the web best of the web excellence. No posted criteria.
  • Bontane Awards - Program with four award levels based on design, on the web structure, and content of applicant sites. Includes criteria, on the web scoring process and a winners list.
  • - Offers award for ugly Web design of commercial site awards sites.
  • Horizon Interactive Awards - Annual interactive awards competition that recognizes excellence in best of the web interactive media production which includes websites, cd-roms, DVDs, best of the web and webcasting.
  • Christine's Creations Award - Awards in five categories with no posted criteria.
  • Cloclo's Awards. - Multiple awards for general excellence based on minimal criteria and best of the web discretionary judging.
  • WebAward Competition - The Web Marketing Association\\'s award for overall excellence. best of the site awards web Entries are submitted by interactive agencies or marketing best of site awards the web and e-commerce departments worldwide. Criteria, judges profiles, entry best site awards of the web form and winners list.
  • The Lida Rose Award of Excellence - Awarded to personal Web sites only. Limited criteria best of the best of the web web judged at Webmaster's discretion.
  • Excellence Community Web Site Award - Recognizing Web sites with a local community slant. Evaluated on best of the web quality of family-friendly, local content and ease of navigation.
  • The Marketing Web Awards - Awards program focused on sites providing quality, valuable site awards resources in marketing. Includes three levels plus special site awards awards.
  • JY Entertainment Website Awards - Multiple award levels for personal and commercial sites. best of the web Five basic criteria determine winners.
  • Web-Site-Awards - Features the Good Internet Citizenship Badge to honor best of the web webmasters who fulfill award requirements.
  • HIV/AIDS Web Award - Hosted award graphic for related sites. Requires reciprocal site awards link site awards to program's search engine.
  • Perfect Vision Website Awards - Award program with three levels of criteria. Includes on the web site awards online application, evaluation status and winners list.
  • Aussie Awards - Index of awards offered by Australian-based sites. Awards best of the on the web web listed in 13 different categories.
  • Favourite Website Awards (FWA) - Program focused on cutting-edge technology and creativity. Applicants best of the best of the web web must feature original content.
  • Win An Award - Eight awards offered for general excellence and specific categories. Includes basic criteria and submission form.
  • Breton Award - Multiple award categories with simple criteria. Basic requirements, application form best of the web and winners list.
  • American Design Awards - Monthly and annual awards for individual Web designers and graphic on the web design firms. Includes detailed criteria and winners list.
  • Iakamai Web Award - Fee-based awards for Hawaii-related Web Sites. Point system site awards requires site awards innovation, easy navigation and a useful service site awards to visitors.
  • Star Awards - Offering eight awards for family oriented sites that site awards show site awards time and effort.
  • Misty's Diamond Award - Award for excellent non-commercial website design. Minimal best of the best of the web web criteria requires reciprocal link.
  • People's Pick of the Week - Sites selected in a weekly vote of WebbieWorld visitors.
  • Student Web Awards - Web design awards for middle and high school best of the web students. Includes detailed entry information and judging criteria best of the web plus areas for teachers and media.
  • WD Awards - Award program for excellence in web design. Includes detailed rules, site awards online application and winners list.
  • KOSA Awards - Award program for well-designed sites with dynamic content. on the web best of the web Includes detailed criteria, online application and winners list.
  • The Mindspan Award - Program that awards sites for insightful thought and on the web intelligence. Site access requires a non-standard plug-in.
  • JPM's Tagged Site of the Week - Noteworthy sites that feature JPM initials somewhere on best of the site awards web their pages.
  • The Academy Of Fine Awards - Awards program with multiple levels. Includes detailed criteria, on the web status tracking and a resource center.
  • Kara Art Awards - Award program for sites related to art. Four best of the site awards web award levels based on quality, originality and relevance.
  • SEOmoz's Web 2.0 Awards - Awards for sites which focus on user empowerment, on the web open-source applications and emerging web technologies.
  • Tomb of Doom Awards - Offers 7 awards to sites, for design, graphics site awards and best of the web overall excellence.
  • iQuality Content Award - Program from the Student Media Network awarding sites on the web on the web with outstanding content.
  • Antique Collector Award - Award graphics for information-based sites. Full criteria listed on the web on the web and images may be personalized.
  • Diamond in the Patty Award - Recognition for sites that feature reviews. Minimal criteria includes requirement that sites be English language, created by non-professionals and maintain good layout.
  • IRC WebWatchers Awards - Multiple awards for IRC-related sites. Includes detailed criteria on the web best of the web and winners list.
  • Web Development Excellence Award - Award recognizes effort in Web development, using advanced on the web best of the web concepts in design, coding and graphics. Minimal criteria on the web best of the web listed on site.

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