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Providers of periodic web site recognition: site of the day, week, month, year, etc.

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  • Celebrity Site of the Day - Sites created by and for celebrities; awarded since 1996.
  • CoolStop - Daily award for personal, creative, and non-commercial Web sites.
  • Grouse - Quirky and dark-humored sites picked by the Grouse site awards Media team.
  • Adobe Site of the Day - Cool sites created with Macromedia Web authoring and programming tools.
  • Family Site of the Day - Daily review of a top-notch family-friendly site.
  • Site of the School Day - Kathy Schrock's sites for educators, teachers, and parents.
  • Cool Site of the Day - Well-known daily awards site published by C Notes site awards Interactive.
  • Seven Wonders - Seven picks a week from Kessler Freedman, published best of the daily web since 1996.
  • Click Of The Day - Shockwave-animated daily picks includes archive of previous selections. best of the daily web Users may submit sites for consideration.
  • Cruel Site of the Day - A daily dark-humored, mean-spirited or bleak site.
  • Jon's Link of the Day - Useful and interesting daily links plus an archive daily from 1999 best of the web to the present.
  • Fred Langa's HotSpots - Daily cool, funny or unusual sites selected by site awards a Windows Magazine editor.

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