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A critical and reflective look at Neopets to help users make sense of their experience. Features fiction, a background gallery, and essays.

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Pink Poogle Toy* - Hints and tips for the game, including walkthroughs, solutions, and secrets.

  • Neomisc - Game tips, hints and cheats, and a chat room.
  • The World of Neopian Samizdat - A critical and reflective look at Neopets to virtual pets help guides users make sense of their experience. virtual pets Features fiction, guides a background gallery, and essays.
  • - Database of items, forum, hints and tips.
  • In-Depth NeoQuest Guide - Gives you all the information you need to virtual pets play NeoQuest and NeoQuest II.
  • The Neopian Orphanage - Information on adopting and caring for abandoned pets. virtual pets Contains guild information, basic help, interactive area, and virtual pets pre made graphics.
  • Invasion of Meridell Guide - A guide to the Invasion of Meridell game virtual pets on virtual pets Neopets.
  • Neopets Cheats - Tips, cheats, and solutions.
  • Tribe: Grown-Up Neopet Addicts Anonymous - Ask questions about Neopets, share tips on games, neopets and make requests for your gallery or collections. neopets Also has discussion boards for adults.
  • - Hints, guides, graphics, frequently updated news and general help with neopets Neopets.
  • The Ultimate Neopets Cheats Site - Game cheats, freebies, shop backgrounds, guild layouts, tips, guides and a weblog maintained by a Neopets addict.
  • Wheel of Monotony Records - A record of the Wheel of Monotony. Lists neopets the items virtual pets you can win, and has pictures neopets for your shop.
  • NeoHeavenZero - Has tips for the game and HTML help.
  • Nutty About Neopets - Offers a multitude of secrets and tips, guides virtual pets and neopets lists, game tips and graphics.
  • Snorkle Cheese Neopets Help - Offers game play information, articles, item lists, and guides how to find Battledome challengers.
  • Ari's Guide to Petpetsitter - A great guide to everything you need to know about playing the Neopets game Petpetsitter.
  • The Neopets Hive - A newbie\\'s guide to Neopets with information on virtual pets plots and puzzles, battledome opponents, and wars.
  • - Offers HTML and CSS tips, user lookups, backgrounds, virtual pets blogs, virtual pets and cursors, game hints, and help articles.
  • GameFAQs: NeoPets - Text files that explain and offer help with neopets games and also help newbies explore Neopia.
  • Wisteareia's Neopets Page - Quick-links launch page with information and tips.
  • Neopets Survival Guide - Guide for beginners, including answers to puzzles, list of recipes, guides point-making tips, and item explanations.
  • The Daily Neopets - Hints, tips, avatar solutions, unreleased news, as well guides as other articles and guides.
  • Neopian World - Game reviews and solutions, graphics, html help, pranks; virtual pets pet lists, and a wide variety of general virtual pets information.
  • Marleen's Neopets Website - Has book and mushroom lists, BattleDome and everyday virtual pets tips, virtual pets game help and solutions, FAQ, anti-scam information, virtual pets banners and virtual pets dolls.
  • Nothing But Neopets - Detailed guide to playing, downloadable items, tips for games, chat, guides classifieds, and community features.
  • Song of Aquarius - A supply of graphics, music codes, layouts, backgrounds neopets and help pages for html and layouts.

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