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Offers history of group, obtaining rank upgrades, rules, and also has pet of the forest awards, chat, and role playing board.

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See Also:
  • The Home For Everyone - Backgrounds, adoptables, hints and layouts, contests, pictures, poetry, fan art and jokes. Guild is inactive.
  • Yurble Guild Webbie - Guild services, rules and ranks, contests, tips, and artistic content guilds submitted by members.
  • Anime Requiem - Guild dedicated to anime, video games and fantasy. virtual pets Features basic neopets help, guild rules and RPG. virtual pets Offers layouts and graphics.
  • Bayside Ocean Fountain - Neoschool lessons for visitors, member and shop of virtual pets the neopets week, and contests. Guild is inactive.
  • The Secret Laboratory Guild - Offers rules, council and contact information, FAQ, giveaways, high scores list, recruitment prizes, newbie packs, and links.
  • Neopian Adults - A Livejournal community dedicated to the Neopian Adults guilds guild.
  • To A Better Neopia - Game tips, gourmet food list, links to dailies virtual pets and guilds guild news.
  • Plushies & Toys for All - Learn about the guild and its members at neopets this site, which includes articles, hints, and tips.
  • The Neopian Mutants Guild - Guild homepage for fans of mutant neopets.
  • Island Bonanza - Offers contests, newspaper, Neopet shop links, guest book, virtual pets ranks, guilds hall of fame and months events. Guild virtual pets is inactive.
  • Dungy's Lair - Has dung items listing, news, and links.
  • Enter the Twilight - Kingdom Hearts oriented guild. Website offers information about the guild, virtual pets its activities and council.
  • Battledome Knights - Group for those who enjoy battledome competition. Offers neopets tips, game guilds solutions, booklist, and shopping tips. Guild neopets is inactive.
  • The home of the Rich Neopian guild - This guild is for those who want to be rich, are rich or are working towards a rich goal. Guild is inactive.
  • Neopets Army Guild - Displays daily guild events, guild contests, member benefits guilds and tips neopets for playing Neopets.
  • Shinsei Tsuki - Anime oriented guild. Website offers guild information, helpful virtual pets links, virtual pets downloads and a variety of guild activities.
  • Ultra Gamers Guild - Offers information about the guild and about unreleased guilds Neopets items.
  • Radcore - A Neopets guild for people who live and guilds breathe music. virtual pets Site features member information, activities, music guilds and layouts.
  • Fortune Cookiez - Offers members rules, contests, updated news, pet adoption guilds and Neopian virtual pets links to donation shop and new guilds member packs. Guild is virtual pets inactive.
  • The Fire Lupe Pack - Features rank and donation info, guild shop, chapter virtual pets listings, contests, guild RPG and member profiles.
  • Community for Fellowship - A Christian orientated group that offers backgrounds, user guilds lookups, html virtual pets help, game tips, poems, shop links, guilds and a newsletter.
  • Stars Hollow - Gilmore Girls themed guild. Offers information about the virtual pets guild, neopets its members and the series.
  • Kozy Korner Guild - Community\\'s hub for activities such as Wishing Well, Neo School, guilds Mystery Picture contest, Snowfest. Also has chat room, pharmacy, scavenger guilds hunt, game help and links to related areas within Neopia. guilds Guild is inactive.
  • Adult Swim Guild for Adults. - This guild is for users over the age guilds of 18. guilds Layouts, weblogs, game tips, and links.
  • Neo Paradise - Lists pet abilities and important times, contests, banners, virtual pets game virtual pets tips and solutions.
  • Neopets Guild - Offers chat board, hints and tips for everyone. virtual pets Link neopets to shop for members.
  • Aisha Guild - Features original artwork and a Neopets documentary. Guild guilds is inactive.
  • Summer's Rose Neopet Guild - Offers guides, graphics, avatars, gallery, links, and contests.
  • Neonutz - Website for Neocentric, the all adult Neopian guild. neopets Offers an avatar guide, game tips, weblog layouts, neopets custom cursors, and guild portal.
  • Knights of the Round Table II - Homepage for a battling guild with competitions and neopets activities to keep members busy and having fun. neopets Supports an election system to choose the neopets king of the guild.
  • The Blumaroo Guild - Gallery, chat, contests, and links.
  • Mystic Castle - Guild for people over 20. Website offers Neopets neopets help, guild virtual pets and activities information.
  • The Soul Candy Guild - A guild devoted entirely to Bleach, an anime neopets about Death Gods.
  • The Forest Lupe Pack - Offers history of group, obtaining rank upgrades, rules, and also virtual pets has pet of the forest awards, chat, and role playing virtual pets board.
  • Neoplayers - Contains backgrounds, adoptable faerie dolls, logos, and banners. guilds Guild is inactive.
  • Neopian_Angels Guild Website - Site offers information about the guild, guild games and activities, guilds avatar program, links to freebies.
  • Cap'n Morgan's Secret Cove - Information on a set of pets and a neopets pirate-oriented guild. Guild is inactive.
  • The Great Kougra's Guild and Neopets Help Site - Homepage of guild offering rare prizes, contests, and guilds hosting giveaways. neopets Help for getting secret avatars guilds and battledome challengers.
  • Unity Guild - Offers a variety of guild banners, backgrounds and other graphics.

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