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See Also:
  • Mindless Invalid - Avatar guide, fonts and graphics for userlookups.
  • Neopets Music, Backgrounds and Help - A place where you can find music and backgrounds for neopets shops and lookups.
  • Pupblu's NeoHelp - Basic HTML guide and FAQ, with graphics for shop layouts, backgrounds and userlookups.
  • LeiaLissa's Neopets HTML Help - Covers basic HTML including text, images, colors, anchors webpage assistance and virtual pets layers. Also has guide on how webpage assistance to create virtual pets a layout.
  • The Neopets HTML Guide - Step by step guides to basic HTML including images, music, fonts, tables, and more advanced CSS techniques.
  • LB's Font Factory - Ladyboz's fonts website. Also has an avatar guide.
  • More Neo Graphics - A site with backgrounds, adoptables, banners, user lookups neopets and also virtual pets offers help, tips and a color neopets chart.
  • Painted-Illusions - Graphics, HTML help and color codes, as well neopets as a quick links section.
  • Avatar_lovers Avatar help - Help on fonts, avatars, user lookups, guilds, dolls, neopets and custom graphic requests.
  • Darkest Faerie Lair - Fan site with tutorials to make graphics such as your lookup, guild, and shop completely unique.
  • Html Palace - Offers coding services for layouts with a gallery neopets as well as a forum.
  • CSS Help - FAQ page that helps with the use of webpage assistance CSS virtual pets for shops, guilds, and user lookups. Will webpage assistance also explain virtual pets blinkies, color changes, how to add webpage assistance pictures and decorate virtual pets Neopia.
  • Lizz's Layouts - Themed layouts and blogs for shops. New layouts are added regularly.
  • Neo-Craze - Guild and shop layouts. Also a message board.

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