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Bookmarks may be sorted into folders, and shared with the public. Supports importing of links and features a point-awarding program for visiting recommended sites.

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  • myHq - Ad-free site allows colors and fonts to be web applications customized, links to be exported, and bookmarks to web applications be made public.
  • Yahoo! Bookmarks - Allows users to import bookmarks and organize them into folders. bookmark managers Also offers a toolbar to add into the browser.
  • Whitelinks - The free service uses standard SSL encryption.
  • Wists - Social community based on bookmarked websites. Install a web applications bookmarklet then begin building your lists of things web applications on the web with automatic thumbnail image links.
  • Sparkhive - Store your bookmarks, help structure your ideas and keep them permanently accessible, from anywhere.
  • - Bookmarks may be sorted into folders, and shared web applications with the public. Supports importing of links web applications and features a point-awarding program for visiting recommended web applications sites.
  • MyBookmarks - Bookmarks may be imported, organized, and exported.
  • Icon Island - The bookmarks can be saved as icon links.
  • Link - Allows to store personal links with a small description.
  • SiteJot - Store and manage all your bookmarks online.
  • Bookkit - The service features update tracker, link validation, and web applications a browser synchronizer plug-in.
  • - Offers services for individuals, businesses, and schools. bookmark managers Features on the web include the ability to make bookmarks public, bookmark managers and to on the web arrange them in a tour to bookmark managers present them in on the web sequence.
  • Bookmark Factory - Access your bookmarks from any browser on any on the web on the web computer. Includes a bookmarklet for quick filing.
  • Save This - Allows access from any Web-enabled wireless device and permits corporate web applications users to link to co-workers' bookmarks.
  • Bookmark Tracker - Tree-style interface allows exporting to browsers and e-mail.
  • BlinkTo - Allows to customize the appearance of each bookmark.
  • - Store and web applications web applications access again all the interesting web applications pages web applications web applications you find on the web from any Internet web applications connected computer.
  • Magadoo - Offers public and private accounts, individually styled linklists, import/export of web applications bookmarks, statistics and a search function.
  • - Organizer for bookmarks, calendar, diary and knowledge.
  • Favorites Manager ASP - A server-side, multiuser, web application that provides all on the web bookmark managers the visual tools needed for the creation, editing, on the web bookmark managers import and export of a hierarchical collection of on the web bookmark managers links.
  • Ol'Bookmarks Manager - Lets you access, manage, organize, and share your personal bookmarks on the web through a on the web web-based on the web interface. This project is released under the GNU GPL license.
  • Furl - Save, share and recall anything you find online.
  • Save Your Links - Hosts bookmarks collections in a password protected area.
  • Qindex - Allows direct access to the bookmark collection.
  • BibSonomy - A social bookmark and publication sharing system that bookmark managers supports BibTeX.
  • TrackEngine - An online bookmark system that alerts bookmark managers of on the web content changes to those bookmarked sites via bookmark managers email.
  • Users - Create web based favorites with username and password on the web web applications hints, share organizers, send email reminders.
  • Bookmark Commando - Checks to ensure links are still valid.
  • NetFav - Saves the entire content of the web-page and bookmark managers can on the web be used either with the downloadable toolbar bookmark managers or by on the web signing in on the web page.
  • - Free bookmark manager to access and share your on the web bookmarks online.
  • Feed Me Links - Stores bookmarks online so you can find them anywhere. Allows to tag links to keep them organized.
  • Bookie - An experimental application which keeps all your bookmarks on a web applications central server so that you can access bookmarks from anywhere web applications on the web, using a variety of clients.
  • Backflip - Automatically organizes personal bookmarks into a searchable hierarchical directory.
  • UpSave - Allows one-click adding while browsing the web and web applications searching web applications of bookmarked links.
  • Online Bookmarks - Store, manage, and browse bookmarks categorised on the web web applications by theme.
  • Znail - Stores bookmarks and files.
  • Seeknit - Users can create bookmarks directly from search results, web applications and web applications organize in hierarchical folders.
  • Sync2It - Uses client-side syncing software to generate a web-based collection of on the web bookmarks.
  • myVmarks - Organizes sites in a tree-type directory and allows on the web them to be made public. Communities for on the web sharing sites allowed.
  • linkaGoGo - Supports importing and exporting, folders, and allows users to customize the appearance of their pages.
  • Linkroll - The social bookmark manager allows to tag, annotate and sort on the web the public links.
  • Bookmark Online - Free bookmark management service available in French and English.
  • - A social bookmarks manager that allows categorization via bookmark managers custom on the web tags. Offers several tools to share content, bookmark managers including synchronization on the web with a weblog.
  • Link2Mark - Bookmarks may be imported and exported, and WAP on the web web applications access is available.
  • Favoritoo - Graphical interface and autologin.
  • Rosegardens - Javascript-based bookmark manager.
  • Onlinebookmarks - Offers web-based bookmark manager with SiteBar integration.
  • - Allows public and private lists, which may be created from a template or from scratch.
  • Philoi - Person-to-person link sharing community. Save bookmarks and share links with web applications your friends.
  • - Allows anyone to find educational resources with a on the web web applications tagging system. Results are displayed in real-time, without on the web web applications page refreshes, making the site interactive.
  • wURLdBook - Navigate, collect, categorize, annotate and find bookmarks online.
  • Yoghurt - The bookmarks can be viewed, edited and added in a bookmark managers simple browser window.
  • The Renegade Troll - Ad-free manager with customizable views. Display your bookmarks on one webpage, sorted by category.
  • SiteBar - A bookmark server intended for both personal and enterprise usage on the web with integration to most current browsers. Offers granular security mechanism, on the web import/export, drag and drop, and skins. [Open source, GPL]

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