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Includes ability to make notes, search, preview sites, store thumbnails and manage web favorites. Also integrates with Firefox and Internet Explorer.

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See Also:
  • SV Bookmark - Features include support for various browsers and thumbnail images of utilities sites.
  • Powermarks - Browser independent and allows synchronisation over the Internet. www Includes search bookmark managers facility.
  • Favorez - IE toolbar that creates DHTML pages from bookmarks, restores lost bookmark managers favicons, generates PNG graphics and exports bookmarks to XML, XBEL bookmark managers format.
  • Bookmark Master - Tool to manage/ edit/ search/ check favorite links utilities in IE. Windows only.
  • Bookmark Buddy - Advanced bookmark manager with search, form filler and non-web bookmark support. Internet Explorer and Mozilla.
  • URL Parser - Software which searches the bookmark files of the utilities six major bookmark managers browsers on Mac OS X (10.2 utilities or better). It will bookmark managers search text based and utilities binary based bookmark files.
  • Alert Bookmarks - Retractable, rotating toolbar with customizable menus. Includes editing utilities capabilities.
  • My Favorites - Accelerate your Web surfing by organizing and launching your IE favorites with one click, and use them to customize your Web Browser for each favorite Website. [Shareware]
  • AM-DeadLink - Detects dead links and duplicates in browser bookmarks. bookmark managers If a bookmark has become unavailable, user can bookmark managers delete it from their browser. Checks bookmarks from bookmark managers Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla/Firefox and Netscape.
  • myFavorites - Allows organizing, importing and exporting of bookmarks via a small bookmark managers software program.
  • Rudenko VisBookMarks - VisBookMarks is an Internet Explorer add-on which shows utilities regular IE utilities favorites as screenshots of Web Sites.
  • Link Commander - Bookmark manager and URL converter. Supports all main bookmark managers Windows www web-browsers.
  • NetMarks Manager - Includes ability to make notes, search, preview sites, utilities store thumbnails and manage web favorites. Also integrates utilities with Firefox and Internet Explorer.
  • Bookkey - Allows organizing and accessing bookmarks using keywords instead of a utilities hierarchical structure.
  • IC Soft Site Manager - Desktop Web site management program that helps favorite bookmark managers web sites. It eliminates the need to maintain bookmark managers sites in the browser's bookmarks.
  • xbelSync Bookmark Synchronization - Synchronizes bookmarks between computers. Includes bookmark library management.
  • SAB Bookmarks Converter - Software that will convert your Internet Explorer bookmarks www to Netscape utilities bookmarks and your Netscape bookmarks to www Internet Explorer bookmarks.
  • Check&Get - Includes integrated browser and link checker. Shareware.
  • URL Manager Pro - Bookmark manager for Macintosh.

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