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Community for storing and distributing video content. Includes advanced privacy options, interaction for members with common interests, group projects, and tools for creating widgets.

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  • Gawkk - Subscribers share their own videos and can search on the web on the web for others on larger sites. Networking features allow on the web on the web instant updates of friends' clips.
  • Viddler - Subscribers can connect their webcams to the site\\'s video sharing record video sharing feature if they don\\'t have their own video sharing camcorder. Allows video sharing upload of clips up to 500MB.
  • Pakistan Channel - User-submitted videos and some social networking features.
  • Castpost - Hosting for videos and video blogs.
  • Dailymotion - Allows users to upload their videos and provides video sharing tools on the web for formatting and distributing them. Includes featured video sharing videos, special on the web events, and child-safe areas for youngsters video sharing to watch and on the web share videos.
  • - Specializes in travel videos, with channels including Great Chefs of the World and Great Hotels of the World. Includes video of the day and special features, as well as tools for placing videos on third-party sites.
  • Vidmax - Basic hosting for user-generated video content.
  • Helpfulvideo - Features user-submitted how-to video clips in a variety video sharing of categories.
  • - User-submitted video and audio clips in a variety web applications of video sharing categories and genres.
  • Fun Video World - Specializes in humorous viral video clips. Includes games and blog web applications featuring a new funny photo each day.
  • VideoWebTown - Provides subscribers up to 30 GB of space video sharing and web applications ability to display clips on a personal video sharing page with web applications no other users\\' content visible or video sharing embed clips in web applications a site of their own.
  • RideTheWater - Specializes in clips depicting water sports, such as surfing and web applications skiing. Features video chat and integration with blogs and mobile web applications devices.
  • - Hosting for videobloggers, podcasts, and other original content, on the web on the web allowing users to crosspost content. Shares a percentage on the web on the web of advertising revenue generated by contributors.
  • Vimeo - Community for storing and distributing video content. Includes advanced privacy video sharing options, interaction for members with common interests, group projects, and video sharing tools for creating widgets.
  • Revver - User-generated viral video sharing network with tools for on the web syndication, podcasting, and vlogging.
  • Openfilm - High-definition videos and animation from a community of independent filmmakers, on the web film schools, festivals and audiences. Includes social networking features, such on the web as forums, blogs, industry news, and reviews.
  • YouTube - Hosts user-generated videos. Includes network and professional content.
  • daShow - Gospel music performers and Christian ministers provide content. on the web video sharing Includes sponsored videos and featured channels.
  • Sumo - Users\\' original content can be uploaded to Sky TV satellite network or added to a personal online channel. Includes function for searching other popular video hosting sites.
  • HD-Tube - High-definition clip sharing and MP3 music file streaming, on the web with tools for converting to high-quality Flash videos. on the web Includes forum.
  • Phanfare - Photo and video sharing for iPhones. Includes private web applications online albums, slideshows, unlimited storage, and no ads, web applications as well as wireless synchronization.
  • VideoGotLive - Video and social networking community. Users can join groups of members with common interests, set up their own branded channels and create live series.
  • KataTube - Free uploading in a variety of categories. Includes groups for web applications community sharing.
  • Motion Box - Unlimited storage and high-definition player are available. Features video sharing include video sharing online editing and tools for downloading videos video sharing to computer video sharing or handheld device.
  • Sleeng - Professional and user-generated online video, photo, and music video sharing service.
  • ShowMedo - Hosts and distributes screencast and video tutorials focused web applications on building and using open-source software. Includes instructions web applications on creating content and a club for contributors web applications available on a subscription basis.
  • Viddyou - Features include HD player, one-click recording, and tools web applications for on the web uploading from mobile phones and other handheld web applications devices, as on the web well as tools for controlling who web applications sees shared content.
  • ClipMoon - Basic service includes sharing and community features; users can upgrade to premium service that provides unlimited uploads and direct downloads.
  • VidiLife - Free hosting for videos, still images, and video on the web on the web blogs. Includes clubs and forums.
  • Best Shared Vidoes - User-submitted videos with tools for linking clips to or from other sites.
  • Megavideo - Clips are available in several languages. Premium subscriptions web applications allow users to earn money rewards for downloads web applications of their content.
  • WatchMyRecipe - Specializes in food and drink preparation, such as on the web cooking, baking, and grilling. Users post videos and on the web share their recipes.
  • 26thJanuary - User-generated content, as well as Hindi/Bollywood songs, videos, video sharing and web applications movie trailers.
  • StreamYard - Downloading tool for online video services such as web applications YouTube, DailyMotion, Bolt, iFilm,, and
  • Google Video - Search and watch millions of videos. Includes forum web applications and personalized recommendations.
  • ClipChef - Specializes in videos that show how to prepare video sharing recipes. on the web Includes community features.
  • ClipShack - Designed for ease of use with wireless technology. video sharing Allows on the web video e-mail, and subscribers can track content video sharing by location on the web with integrated Google Maps.
  • DoTV - Free hosting with capability of offering subscription videos for paid on the web distribution with no ads on the page. Includes chat and on the web blog features.
  • Yahoo! Video - Offers features to upload, share, rate and watch video sharing videos, web applications including vlogs, popular videos, autos, animation, food, video sharing news, sports, web applications people, and funny videos.
  • Ourmedia - Focuses on providing tools and community for subscribers web applications to web applications learn about developing media, including video, streaming web applications audio, and web applications podcasts.
  • ThatsHow - Specializes in video do-it-yourself tutorials on topics including on the web video sharing home improvement, gardening, arts and crafts, automotive, and on the web video sharing electronics.
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