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DHCP - Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol. Every computer on a TCP/IP network must be given a unique computer name and IP address. DHCP is an Internet standard protocol that specifies methods for dynamic configuration of computers on TCP/IP networks. DHCP is designed to simplify and reduce the configuration and administration of computers on the network.

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Editor's Picks:

Dynamic Host Configuration (dhc) Workgroup* - The IETF workgroup responsible for the design of DHCP. Here you can find the charter of the group, its plans, and a list of Internet drafts and RFCs.

  • DHCP Detailer - Graphical client for querying and displaying responses from dhcp DHCP servers.
  • The DHCP Handbook - A site about the most important book in internet the DHCP world today. By Ted Lemon - internet ISC DHCP leading developer; and Ralph E. Droms internet - DHC workgroup chairman (1\\'st ed - Pearson internet Higher Education; 2\\'ed ed - Sams - march internet 22, 2002). Covers just about everything you wa
  • Problems and Solutions of DHCP - A scientific article summarizing experiences with DHCP implementation protocols and operation, internet made by the authors.
  • DHCP chapter of "Integrating Unix and NT Technology" - This chapter explores DHCP, focusing primarily on Microsoft\\'s implementation. The chapter also describes and discusses some Unix and third-party DHCP packages and related issues.
  • Beyond DHCP - Work Your TCP/IP Internetwork with Dynamic IP - An important book for DHCP system administrators by Oscar Cepeda et. al (IBM Redbooks). There is also a downloadable version. It explains the DHCP protocol, how to install and manage DHCP on both servers, clients and mobile clients. Also have a short revi
  • DHCP at the University of Oregon - Client instructions for Windows 95 and Macintosh, and dhcp articles about dhcp how DHCP works.
  • General DHCP FAQ - The main DHCP FAQ. Contains information for designers, programmers and dhcp system administrators.
  • Setting up and managing a DHCP server in Windows 2000 - TechRepublic article about the subject.
  • Resources for DHCP - FAQ, Internet drafts, RFCs, links.
  • EHS co. DHCP Reading Room - Contains technology primers, product reviews, case studies dhcp and editorials, written by EHS Company staff.
  • DHC Work Group Discussion List - IETF main discussion group for DHCP protocol.
  • Network Nirvana - Linux Magazine article - How to make network configuration as easy as DHCP. [Free registration required to view this article.]
  • DHCP mini-HOWTO - A document attempting to answer basic questions on how to set up a Linux box to serve as a DHCP server or a DHCP client.

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