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Software which implements DHCP protocol.

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  • ipLease DHCP Server for Windows - Server for Windows systems. A commercial product with a free protocols trial period.
  • FutureDHCP - Portable implementation of the Server and Relay Agent dhcp components as implementations specified in RFC 2131 and RFC dhcp 2132.
  • DHCP Page - A catalog of DHCP and DHCP related software dhcp for Unix, protocols Linux and cross-platform open-source.
  • LinuxPlanet Tutorial for ISC-DHCP - A short and basic tutorial for ISC-DHCP for new system administrators.
  • Incognito Software - IP Commander - A multi-platform commercial DHCP implementation, also available as an appliance.
  • ISC - DHCP - Internet Software Consortium DHCP Distribution, mostly for Linux/Unix. protocols Contains useful information for DHCP programmers and system protocols administrators.
  • Microsoft Release Notes for Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 4 - A list of articles from Microsoft about issues protocols with DHCP dhcp (as well as DNS and WINS) protocols over Windows NT Server. dhcp Useful for problem solving.
  • Microsoft DHCP Basics - A basic technical page covering the Microsoft implementation of DHCP client, server and relay-agent, over different MS-Windows versions.
  • Anemon Dhcp - Server, client, and relay implementations written in python and SQL, implementations with a web configuration interface.
  • Efficient IP - DNS/DHCP Appliances - A DHCP appliance server supporting failover, real time updates, and implementations a web interface.
  • Vicomsoft DHCP Server - A commercial DHCP implementation by Vicomsoft. Works on implementations both Windows implementations and Macintosh servers.
  • DNS One - A commercial DHCP and DNS Server integrated in one box. protocols a product of InfoBlox, Inc.

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