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Providing a simple to use interface for end users and business. Free reseller systems available. Primary and secondary DNS services available on all accounts.

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  • WebDNS - Free primary and secondary zone file management. Unlimited domains and zones. Instant updates with easy to use control panel.
  • Load Ltd - LoadDNS - Globally hosted DNS services with API and web based access.
  • Twistedforlife - Offers free secondary DNS for domains, backup MX service and SMTP cloaking, and hosting.
  • FreeDns.ws - Providing free of charge domain name control system, dns providers primary dns and secondary DNS hosting. Easy integrated domain dns providers name redirection.
  • SecuritySpace Managed DNS Services - Self-serve DNS services with globally distributed network, easy protocols to use web interface, 5 minute server updates, protocols support for most commonly used record types, as protocols well as Master or Slave (Primary or Secondary) protocols configurations.
  • Pghost.com - Offers primary and secondary DNS hosting and services.
  • DynTLD - Provides TLD operators services to offload DNS management dns of a dns providers root TLD, including primary, "hidden primary", dns or secondary DNS services.
  • DNSbox - German managed DNS Server with phone and mail protocols Support.
  • XName - XName provides free backup DNS service, web managed.
  • LaneChange.net - Offers access to hosting related services, managed or self managed domain name registration and DNS hosting services.
  • NeuStar UltraDNS - Managed DNS hosting and carrier-class directory services; reliable servers and dns domain name hosting. Annual contracts.
  • PublicServers.com - Free, public web-based DNS management, also offering secondary DNS and fallback MX servers.
  • Worldwidedns.net - Providing a simple to use interface for end users and dns business. Free reseller systems available. Primary and secondary DNS services dns available on all accounts.
  • Tucows Inc. - Provides wholesale managed DNS services.
  • XpertDNS - XpertDNS utilizes tinydns (djbdns suite), to ensure a fast, reliable, and secure managed DNS hosting experience.
  • BackupDNS.com - Offering secondary DNS services. Provides pricing and secure dns members area.
  • Microtech Limited - Provides services including static, dynamic, and secondary DNS. Based on Guernsey, United Kingdom.
  • EditDNS.net - Easy, web-based interface for adding/modifying/deleting records for your dns domain name. We support A, CNAME, MX, NS, dns SRV, TXT, PTR, and AAAA records.
  • DNS Max - Managed DNS hosting and management software; reliable dns providers servers and domain name hosting, and resellers services.
  • Nettica.com - Full set of DNS services including static, dynamic, dns providers reverse, dns and bulk service.

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