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Fusion DNS software is a resolver for embedded devices that is comprised of a library of easy-to-use routines that a client application can call to perform the domain name to IP address translation function.

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See Also:
  • Securing an Internet Name Server - Paper discussing general name server security, with a focus on dns BIND. By Allen Householder and Brian King of CERT/CC.[PDF]
  • ADNS - ADNS is a free resolver library for C (and C++) protocols programs, released under GNU\'s General Public License.
  • DNS and E-mail Checks - Pingability.com is a website that runs checks of protocols your DNS and E-mail setup.
  • Putting Locations into the DNS - How to put your latitude and longitude into your DNS internet configuration, plus some nifty extras, like maps.
  • Tinydns and Dnscache - A replacement for BIND - Tinydns does the protocols authoritative nameserving, Dnscache does the recursive lookups.
  • Fusion DNS - Embedded Source Code - Fusion DNS software is a resolver for embedded dns devices that protocols is comprised of a library of dns easy-to-use routines that a protocols client application can call dns to perform the domain name to protocols IP address dns translation function.
  • XBill DNSJava - A DNS resolver written in java.
  • DNS & BIND Resources - Offers information about DNS and the BIND Nameserver protocols Software from protocols ISC. Includes links, manuals, mailing lists, protocols RFCs and download locations.
  • Root Server Technical Operations Assn - Official web site of the DNS root servers. protocols Information, including locations, ASNs, and IPv4 and IPv6 protocols addresses, of the 13 root-servers.net systems.
  • Nixu Software Oy Ltd - Develops and markets virtualization-ready, secure DNS and IP internet addressing solutions protocols distributed as software appliances.
  • DNS Oversimplied: How to Check Your DNS - Step-by-step instructions on how to verify that your DNS is working properly and is error-free, even if your ISP handles your DNS.
  • DNSSEC Zone Key Tool - A toolkit for secure DNS key management and dns zone maintenance.
  • IANA Root Zone Database - The official list of all generic and country specific TLD\\'s, with contact information for the corresponding sponsors and registries.
  • gTLD-MoU - Memorandum of Understanding on Generic Top-Level Domains. Includes historical dns details such as why certain Top Level Domains (such as dns .biz) were chosen.
  • Simple DNS Plus - DNS server software for Windows 9x/NT/2000. Free dns trial version, protocols screenshots, client testimonials, FAQ, tutorials.
  • Secondary DNS Exchange - A list of people who are looking to swap secondary protocols DNS servers.
  • Request For Comment 1035 - This RFC describes the details of the domain dns system and internet protocol, and assumes that the reader dns is familiar with the internet concepts discussed in a dns companion RFC, "Domain Names - internet Concepts and dns Facilities" [RFC-1034].
  • Nominum - Nominum provides DNS and DHCP servers and an advanced IP name and address management system.
  • Adminschoice - A brief document that describes how to set up a protocols Unix DNS server using BIND.
  • DNS Resources Directory (DNSRD) - Offers general information, reference material, software, news, and links.
  • Men and Mice - Offers a diagnostic utility for DNS administrators, and QuickDNS Pro, dns a DNS server for the Mac.
  • DNSSEC - DNS Security Extensions - Offers information about DNSSEC: Security Extensions for DNS. Includes DNSSEC dns projects, articles, news, developments, presentations, howto\'s and RFC's.
  • Howto Become A Totally Small Time DNS Admin - Plain text instructions on setting up administration under dns Linux.
  • Incognito Software Inc. - Incognito Software Inc. develops DNS management tools for dns the enterprise dns and service provider markets. Offers dns secure, scalable, and fault-tolerant dns DNS management software.
  • Secure BIND Template v3.4 - Detailed explanation as to how to deploy a dns secure BIND configuration.
  • NetworkClue - DNS & DNS Servers - An overview on how DNS works and tutorials dns for installing and configuring DNS servers on Linux dns and Microsoft Servers.
  • Net::DNS - A free module for Perl for resolving DNS queries.
  • BIND 8 for NT - Provides "quick and dirty" instructions for setting up dns the BIND DNS server on Windows NT, including dns sample zone files.

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