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Non-profit corporation dedicated to developing and maintaining production quality open source reference implementations of core Internet protocols. BIND is available here for free.

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See Also:
  • Life with djbdns - Examples and howtos for djbdns.
  • Unbound - A validating, recursive, and caching DNS server software product distributed in open source form under the BSD license. [Unix]
  • MetaInfo - DNS and DHCP server software for MS Windows, Linux, and servers Solaris.
  • WhoIsNot - Finds reserved, on-hold and available variations of domain address management names. servers Detailed list of features, free trial version, address management FAQ. [Windows]
  • Men & Mice - QuickDNS and DNS Expert tools. Free trial versions, address management support page including DNS glossary, FAQ, mailing list. address management [MacOS, Windows]
  • MaraDNS - A public-domain, open source Domain Name Server which offers both internet authoritative and caching features. Its main goals are security and internet simplicity.
  • Power Domain Name Server - PowerDNS is a non-BIND nameserver based on open-source address management and address management proprietary software.
  • The Manual Page: DHCP-DNS - Free Perl package that allows dynamic DNS update using your address management DHCP server. GPL license. News, and a glossary of relevant address management technical terms.
  • .Net API wrapper for Simple DNS Plus Windows nameserver - A free .net wrapper for users of Simple DNS Plus, address management using the built-in HTTP API of Simple DNS Plus.
  • Internet Software Consortium - Non-profit corporation dedicated to developing and maintaining production servers quality open servers source reference implementations of core Internet servers protocols. BIND is available servers here for free.
  • Djbdns - Domain Name System tools, links, and tips. [Unix]
  • DNS Boss - Management software for Solaris, NT, Linux. Free trial version, documentation internet and instruction.
  • Adonis DNS Management Server - Plug-and-play 1u rack-mount GNU/Linux server hardware with BIND servers pre-installed.
  • Sauron - A free GPL licensed DNS and DHCP management internet system. Includes internet a detailed presentation, screenshots and documentation.
  • Simple DNS Plus - Free trial version, screenshots, client testimonials, FAQ, tutorials. internet Also provides a Web-based DNS lookup tool.[Windows]
  • ISC's BIND - The developer\\'s site for the Berkeley Internet Name internet Daemon at address management the Internet Software Consortium.
  • Cisco: Network Registrar - A scalable DNS server. Free trial version, FAQ, technical documentation. [Windows]
  • MyDNS - A free DNS server for Unix that serves records directly address management from a MySQL database.
  • Microsoft: Windows 2000 Server - Documentation and support for this product. Service packs internet and updates available.
  • Linux NIS(YP) Server and Tools - The Network Information Service (NIS) provides a simple servers network lookup address management service consisting of databases and servers processes. It was formerly address management known as Sun Yellow servers Pages (YP).

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