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  • CheckDNS - Online utility for DNS administrators. Test your DNS dns servers, domain registration, mail and web servers.
  • Global Whois - A WHOIS domain name search. Check domain protocols name registrations, protocols look up domain names, IP addresses, protocols nameservers, registrars, etc.
  • AnalogX: DNSDig - DNSDig is a web version of dig. Allows queries for a domain\'s DNS from any machine on the Internet.
  • DNS Report - Provides a free DNS report on your domain dns name, verifying dns that your DNS hosting is working dns properly. Includes over dns 40 different tests, looking dns for both minor and major problems.
  • squish.net DNS Checker - Complete DNS traversal check. Shows every DNS server dns that is dns (or maybe) used for a DNS dns lookup.
  • DNS Stuff - Many free web-based DNS and domain name tools protocols all in dns one location. Includes standard DNS lookups, protocols WHOIS/IPWHOIS, and even obscure dns DNS hosting tests, IPv6, protocols IP-to-country and spam database lookups. dns Fast and protocols thorough.
  • DNS Search Gateway - Handy web-based DNS lookup service, with links.
  • Sitegizmos Webmaster Tools - Sitegizmos provides some DNS tools, as well as some other dns tools useful to webmasters.
  • iWEBTOOL - iWEBTOOL has frequently used web tools. Tools ranging from a web tools rank checker to HTML encrypter.
  • Lookup Server - Provides basic forward and reverse DNS lookups, as web tools well protocols as MX record and server software lookups.
  • Codeflux Internet Tools Gateway - A gateway for: finger, nslookup, WHOIS, SSL, traceroute, dns ping, and dns dig.
  • Name Server Zone Transfer Tool - Free tool to check the security of any protocols name server. web tools Requests a name server zone transfer protocols for any domain.
  • Kloth.net NSlookup - Web-based nslookup tool that lets you look up web tools IP address information. Query their and other DNS web tools domain name servers to look up and find web tools IP address information of computers on the internet.
  • Web-Based NSlookup page - You can query any domain here to find the DNS dns information similar to a nslookup. Links to whois information.
  • DNS Bajaj - Check the delegation of your domain. Has dns interesting graphical results.

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