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Sites about software related to the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP).

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  • Apache Server mod_ldap.c - Module for the Apache Webserver to allow web-based ldap authentication via an LDAP Server.
  • BMC Directory Management and Visualization - Design and development environment for LDAP directory based applications. Works ldap with all major LDAP vendors' solutions.
  • DSML Tools - Java implementation of an LDAP to DSML bi-directional software gateway. (DSML stands for Directory Services Markup Language software - an XML dialect for directory data).
  • Apache Module mod_auth_ldap - Module for Apache HTTP Server Version 2.0 that software enables authentication protocols of users against an LDAP directory.
  • LDAP Schema Converter - Aids the conversion of objectClass and attributeType descriptions protocols from LDAPv3 protocols to slapd.conf format.
  • LDAP Schema Viewer - Information about the viewer by AK BK Home. protocols Includes details of its current status, common questions, protocols and object classes.
  • web500gw: A WWW - LDAP/X.500 Gateway - A piece of software that is a customizable web frontend software to LDAP /X.500 Servers. web500gw is also part of the software OpenLDAP software.

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