Products and Tools Proxying and Filtering Internet

Products and tools providing proxying functions for various internet protocols, on various platforms. Functions nearly always include some form of connection sharing, and may also offer caching, content filtering, antivirus or antispam functions, firewall and activity reporting.

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  • Cyberoam - Hardware appliances offering content filtering, firewall, load balancing, anti-virus, anti-spam and caching features. Includes online demo.
  • Stratacache - Hardware appliances offering web application acceleration, multimedia streaming caching, bandwidth management, and integrated antivirus and content filtering options.
  • Vigos AG - VIGOS Website Accelerator products use data compression techniques internet to accelerate proxying and filtering website performance and reduce bandwidth usage. internet Hardware and software solutions proxying and filtering available.
  • LogiSense Corporation - Offers hardware and software proxy solutions for web proxying and filtering proxying and filtering caching, content filtering and bandwidth management. Also offers proxying and filtering proxying and filtering ISP billing software.
  • The Measurement Factory - Performance and standards compliance testing tools for proxies.
  • Blue Coat Systems, Inc. - Hardware proxy appliances for corporate networks offering web proxying and filtering caching, virus scanning, content filtering, instant messaging control proxying and filtering and bandwidth management.
  • Auragan, LLC - Offers hardware devices that provide acceleration and load proxying and filtering balancing for XML data, .Net web services and proxying and filtering streaming.
  • Castify Networks - Provider of content delivery network solutions for internet media businesses, including audio and video streaming.
  • Cisco Systems: Content Engine Series - Network hardware devices that provide optimised web content internet and application products and tools delivery, multimedia streaming and file distribution.
  • CacheGuard - OS/Appliance dedicated to Web traffic filtering and optimization.

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