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Creates a virtual two-way data path tunneled in HTTP requests from a computer behind a restrictive firewall, to another system. [Linux]

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See Also:
  • httptunnel - Creates a virtual two-way data path tunneled in HTTP requests proxying and filtering from a computer behind a restrictive firewall, to another system. proxying and filtering [Linux]
  • Tor - A free software implementation of second-generation onion routing, software a system software enabling its users to communicate anonymously software on the Internet.
  • Web Polygraph - A benchmarking tool for caching proxies and other proxying and filtering software web intermediaries. [Unix, Windows]
  • ProxyChains - Open source tool allows remote tunneling of TCP based protocols through chain of HTTP proxies.
  • I2P Anonymous Network - Anonymous peer-to-peer distributed communication layer built with open source tools software and designed to run any traditional Internet service such as software Usenet, IRC or Web hosting.
  • Plugdaemon - A dumb proxy that forwards a TCP/IP stream from a port on one host, to a specified port on another host. Supports logging to syslog. [Unix]
  • metaprox - An HTTP metaproxy which allows a user to products and tools software specify different proxies for particular sites. Use managed products and tools software from a browser based GUI. [Written in Perl]
  • Mangosoft, Inc - Cachelink software runs local web caching proxies on products and tools software any number of networked PCs on a LAN. products and tools software Each PCs cache can retrieve documents from other products and tools software local proxy caches on that network, which because products and tools software its over LAN connections is faster than retrieving products and tools software the page from
  • AtomInterSoft - Offer AliveProxy Server, which supports connection sharing, specific url blocking and anonymisation features. Also has integrated proxy checking tool for testing speed and availability of public proxies. [Windows]
  • ADVSoft - Offer Proxyinspector, a log parsing tool that analyzes internet proxy traffic and produces reports on it. Versions available for several popular Windows proxy servers. [Windows]
  • IBM: Web Intermediaries (WBI) - Development kit for building custom web proxies/servers. Basic products and tools web proxy functionality included as standard. [Windows, Unix, products and tools OS/2]
  • Sureshot Software - Offer TCP Tunnel, a port mapper, which redirects TCP proxying and filtering connections from a local port to a remote IP proxying and filtering and port, can tunnel traffic through proxies. [Windows]

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