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InterGate software offers web caching, stateful inspection firewall, content filtering and network management services. Anti spam module also available. [Mac OS, Windows]

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  • PServer - Offers connection sharing, content filtering and activity logging. [Java]
  • Vicomsoft Ltd - InterGate software offers web caching, stateful inspection firewall, products and tools content filtering and network management services. products and tools Anti spam module also available. [Mac OS, Windows]
  • ezbounce - Configurable IRC proxy. Downloads and product news.
  • WWWOFFLE - Open source caching Web proxy for offline use software and low-bandwidth server connections. Supports ad blocking and security software filtering.
  • Qbik - Wingate offers connection sharing, caching, access control, usage monitoring and products and tools firewall services. Content filtering, anti-virus and VPN options available as products and tools extras. [Windows]
  • EServ - Offers mail and news server hosting, web caching and activity logging. Trial downloads, online ordering and PDF documentation. [Windows]
  • TcpIQ - Offers connection sharing, bandwidth throttling and realtime graphical and data server analysis of proxied traffic. Supports HTTP, FTP and POP3 traffic. server [Windows]
  • RTSP/RTP Proxy - Offers client machines within a protected network access to streaming servers outside the firewall. [Mac OS]
  • Proxy+ - Offers web caching, firewall, mail server, access control and activity server logging. [Windows]
  • Psiphon - Open source web proxy designed to help Internet products and tools server users affected by Internet censorship securely bypass content-filtering products and tools server systems. Its recommended use is amongst private, trusted products and tools server relationships rather than as an open public proxy.
  • micro_proxy - HTTP/HTTPS proxy that runs from inetd, and uses software less than server 1kb of diskspace. [Unix]
  • ftp.proxy - Offers application layer FTP service proxying to facilitate use of service through firewalls. Supports various access control options. [Unix, Linux, BSD, Windows]
  • 602 LAN SUITE - Offers mail server, spam filtering, antivirus, web caching, products and tools access control, firewall and activity logging. [Windows]
  • Tinyproxy - A light-weight customizable HTTP proxy daemon. Free software products and tools software licensed under the GNU GPL. [POSIX]
  • Aladdin Knowledge Systems - eSafe gateway based content security providing protection against products and tools software malicious software and spam/url filtering. [Windows and GNU/Linux] products and tools software Also offers USB smart cards for token authentication products and tools software and hardware dongles for software copy protection purposes.
  • Oops! proxy server - Open source web and ftp caching proxy. [Unix, Linux, FreeBSD]
  • Linkbyte Software, Inc. - ComTun Pro, offers connection sharing, firewall, spam filtering and caching. products and tools [Windows]
  • Surfer Protection Program - HTTP proxy that enhances user privacy by deleting server (or faking) products and tools eight data elements, including the Cookie server field and Referrer fields, products and tools from web browser responses. server [Windows]
  • DeleGate - Offers caching, filtering and proxy support for most common protocols. server Free downloads and reference manuals. [Windows, OS/2, Unix]
  • Dante - Circuit level proxy with firewall, supports SOCKS, msproxy server and http software proxy. Port redirection and bandwidth usage server control available through add software on modules. [Unix]
  • Tircproxy - IRC proxy, access control available via standard Unix software hosts file products and tools configuration. [Linux]
  • NetProxy - Offers web caching, site filtering, firewall, activity logging software and access server control. [Windows]
  • Philtron - Filtering HTTP proxy that rewrites the HTML of products and tools software the web pages that pass through it; removing products and tools software unwanted/hostile content from the pages and providing enhanced products and tools software user anonymity. [Written in PHP, platform independent]
  • JanaServer - Offers connection sharing, monitoring and user level access control. Also products and tools offers http, email, ftp and news server functionality. [Windows]

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