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A redirector for squid that intercepts advertising (banners, popup windows, flash animations, etc.), page counters and some web bugs (as found).

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Editor's Picks:

Squid Web Proxy Cache* - Official site. FAQs, configuration guide, support documentation and downloads. [Unix, Linux]
Squid: A User's Guide* - Oscar Pearson's guide to installing, configuring and running a Squid implementation.

  • Squid: The Definitive Guide - Advertising site for a book on Squid, written squid by Duane Wessels. Offers chapter summaries, reviews and squid purchase locations.
  • Squid-cache.org: Hypermail Archive - All squid mailing list entries from current day back to server May 1996.
  • Squid for Windows - Version of Squid written for Windows operating systems. squid Free download.
  • RU/2: Squid 2 for OS/2 - Maintenance page for OS/2 version of Squid.
  • squidGuard - A fast redirector, and access control filter for software Squid. Also squid provides a large collection of blacklists software for blocking of objectionable squid sites, and a robot software for generating them.
  • Transparent proxying with squid and pf - Instructions on how to use OpenBSD packet filter server (pf) to redirect http connections to a squid server cache transparently without any client configuration. [OpenBSD]
  • Squirm - A flexible regex based redirector for Squid.
  • Ad Zapping With Squid - A redirector for squid that intercepts advertising (banners, squid popup windows, flash animations, etc.), page counters and squid some web bugs (as found).
  • Devshed.com - Article on tuning Squid on Linux for maximum squid performance and software stability.
  • ViSolve Squid Support - Offers GUI based caching interface, customized white papers for configuring squid in direct and transparent and reverse proxy modes.

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