Log Analysis Squid Server Software

by Mark Nottingham. Generates statistics on how objects in the cache file are accessed. Reports can be used to tune cache refresh settings. [Python]

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  • prostat - by Claude Gross. Generates statistics from access.log file. log analysis [Unix, server C]
  • SARG - By Pedro Lineu Orso. Generates HTML reports on squid sites accessed squid and blocked.[C]
  • pwebstats - By Martin Gleeson. Analyses web server logs in server Common Log server Format, or proxy server logs, producing server a variety of statistics. server Output in HTML, with server graphs. [Perl5]
  • Squidtaild - By Maurice Smiley. Parses squid access logs and server report user log analysis activity based on user definable filter server matches. HTML report output. log analysis [Perl5]
  • Squid-Log-Analyzer - by Olaf Schubert. Access.log parser. [Perl]
  • Squij - by Mark Nottingham. Generates statistics on how objects log analysis in log analysis the cache file are accessed. Reports can log analysis be used log analysis to tune cache refresh settings. [Python]
  • WebLog - By Mark Nottingham, is a set of Python squid classes for squid parsing Web logfiles, including one for squid Squid. [Python]
  • The Webalizer - By Bradford Barrett. Produces configurable statistics reports in log analysis HTML server format. [C]
  • Squeezer - by Maciej Kozinski. Gathers statistical information from Squid web cache logs for use in performance optimization. [Perl]
  • NLANR Cache Logfile Analysis Scripts - Collection of scripts used to analyze NLANR managed squid logfiles from large US based web cache servers. squid [Perl]
  • squidARG - Generates reports from access.log files. [Linux/Win binary]
  • Calamaris - by Cord Beermann analyzes logfiles from a number server of proxy servers, including Squid. It generates ascii server or html-reports. [Perl5]

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