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A toolbar for Internet Explorer which blocks sites containing spyware, viruses and worms, and helps protect against identity theft and phishing. For Windows computers.

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See Also:
  • Cybersitter - Windows (32-bit) filtering program for web, news, mail, software and ICQ software which supports PICS and can keep software history of all Internet software activity. Free block list software updates. 30-day free trial.
  • Surfcontrol - URL- and keyword-based Internet filtering and blocking proxy. content filtering 20 content filtering blocking categories.
  • American Family Filter - Server-based Christian Internet filter with no password override for homes, content filtering schools and businesses. Blocks material in ten categories.
  • Surf on the Safeside - UK-based service utilizing N2H2 proxy servers to filter home internet software access.
  • Safe From Sites DNS - A low cost Internet filter , that works content filtering on all devices. Blocks only three categories pornography, content filtering spyware, and virus sites.
  • Kid's Internet World Explorer - A web browser that provides access to internet proxying and filtering material based on a whitelist of approved websites proxying and filtering appropriate for children.
  • Adult Photo Blanker - Adult content filter and parental control software. Special content filtering feature: blanks objectionable adult images and movies during content filtering internet surfing and local files viewing
  • Blocking Software FAQ - Answers to questions about what sites censorware blocks.
  • iPrism - Internet server appliance hardware which does URL-based filtering and monitoring. software Site categories include Alcohol/Tobacco, Finance, Weapons, and Web Banners.
  • MicroWorld Software Services Pvt. Ltd. - eScan offers anti-virus, anti-spam, web content filtering and software privacy protection features. [Windows]
  • Cyberpatrol - Internet filtering, blocking and monitoring software for Windows. content filtering Blocking content filtering list updates require subscription.
  • Net Nanny - Content filtering, blocking, and monitoring software for children software and organizations. proxying and filtering Free block list updates.
  • DansGuardian - Offers phrase matching, url filtering and PICS filtering. software News, FAQ, proxying and filtering mailing list, screenshots. [Unix, Linux, BSD]
  • Bsafe Online - Software filtering that is fully customizable for each content filtering member proxying and filtering of the family.
  • Cloudmark SafetyBar - A toolbar for Internet Explorer which blocks sites proxying and filtering containing spyware, viruses and worms, and helps protect proxying and filtering against identity theft and phishing. For Windows computers.

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