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Cyber Sentinel and Predator Guard are programs that monitor, filter and block pornography, sexually explicit and predatory computer traffic in the internet, e-mail, instant messaging, chat, attachments and any Windows application.

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See Also:
  • Kidsnet - Software allows configurable access to hand selected child-safe internet sites. Restricts access to internet content, E-mail, chat rooms and instant messaging.
  • CyberSitter - Internet filtering solution that protects children from objectionable content filtering content software on the Internet.
  • ContentProtect - ContentWatch provides software to protect from objectionable content content filtering on the Internet.
  • Enologic - Software web filtering solution incorporating image analysis of accessed sites client before delivery to the browser.
  • Security Software - Cyber Sentinel and Predator Guard are programs that content filtering monitor, software filter and block pornography, sexually explicit and content filtering predatory computer software traffic in the internet, e-mail, instant content filtering messaging, chat, attachments software and any Windows application.
  • CyberPatrol - Filtering software for Windows PCs. It protects children software online by filtering and blocking access to objectionable software Internet sites that parents deem inappropriate.
  • Opera's Kiosk Mode - How to use the URL filtering features of content filtering Opera software 6 and up.
  • Guardian Monitor 8 - Records all IMs (sent and received); all emails software that are opened (sent and received); all chats software (both sent and received); Captures peer-to-peer software downloads i.e. Kazaa
  • Anti-Porn - Pornography filter software to protect children from inappropriate Web sites.
  • - Filterguide rates software to protect users from objectionable software content on content filtering the Internet including spam and popup software ads.
  • CyberOptimizer - A program that optimizes Internet connection parameters and software blocks unwanted sites. Updateable lists of sites are software included. Choose to block adult or advertising sites.

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