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Academic research related to the Open Directory Project. The listed research papers may quote ODP as an example for a large web directory, they may describe studies based on ODP data, tests for which ODP data were used or they may focus on ODP itself.

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  • Mapping Ontologies into Cyc - By Stephen L. Reed and Douglas B. Lenat, Cycorp Inc., Austin, USA, 2002. The authors present the process by which several ontologies have been mapped or integrated with Cyc, a large commonsense knowledge base, over 15 years. ODP was among the chosen ontol[PDF]
  • Accelerated Focused Crawling through Online Relevance Feedback - By Soumen Chakrabarti, Kunal Punera, IIT Bombay, India, directories and Mallela Subramanyam, University of Texas, Austin, USA. directories In: Proceedings of the 11th international conference on directories World Wide Web, 2002. The ODP taxonomy is directories used for the experiments.[PDF]
  • Improving Web Search Results Using Affinity Graph - By Benyu Zhang, Hua Li, Yi Liu, Lei open directory project directories Ji, Wensi Xi, Weiguo Fan, Zheng Chen and open directory project directories Wei-Ying Ma. In: Proceedings of the 28th Annual open directory project directories International ACM SIGIR Conference, August 2005. The authors open directory project directories propose a ranking scheme named Affinity Ranking (AR). open directory project directories Yahoo, ODP and
  • The ICS-FORTH RDFSuite: Managing Voluminous RDF Description Bases - By Sofia Alexaki, Vassilis Christophides, Gregory Karvounarakis, Dimitris Plexousakis and research papers Karsten Tolle. 2001. The ODP RDF dump was used as research papers a testbed for a suite of tools for RDF validation, research papers storage and querying.
  • Index Construction for Linear Categorisation - By Vaughan R. Shanks and Hugh E. Williams, RMIT University, open directory project Melbourne, Australia. Proceedings of the twelfth international conference on Information open directory project and knowledge management, 2003. A problem with iterative training techniques open directory project for automatic text categoris
  • Summarizing Web Sites Automatically - By Y. Zhang, N. Zincir-Heywood and E. Milios, open directory project Dalhousie University, Canada. In: Proceedings of the Sixteenth open directory project Conference of the Canadian Society for Computational Studies open directory project of Intelligence, 2003. Machine learning and natural language open directory project processing techniques ar[PDF]
  • OCFS: Optimal Orthogonal Centroid Feature Selection for Text Categorization - By Jun Yan, Ning Liu, Benyu Zhang, Shuicheng directories Yan, Zheng Chen, Qiansheng Cheng, Weiguo Fan and directories Wei-Ying Ma. In: Proceedings of the 28th Annual directories International ACM SIGIR Conference, August 2005. Experiments based directories on 20 Newsgroups (20NG), Reuters Corpus Volume
  • Using ODP Metadata to Personalize Search - By Paul Alexandru Chirita, Wolfgang Nejdl, Raluca Paiu open directory project research papers and Christian Kohlschütter, L3S and University of open directory project research papers Hannover, Germany. In: Proceedings of the 28th Annual open directory project research papers International ACM SIGIR Conference, August 2005. The paper open directory project research papers discusses how ODP metadata can be e[PDF]
  • The Influence of Caption Features on Clickthrough Patterns in Web Search - By Charles L. A. Clarke, University of Waterloo, Eugene Agichtein, research papers Emory University, and Susan Dumais and Ryen W. White, Microsoft. research papers In: Proceedings of the 30th Annual International ACM SIGIR Conference, research papers July 2007. The results of the study suggest that rel[PDF]
  • Web Content Categorization Using Link Information - By Zoltan Gyongyi and Hector Garcia-Molina, Stanford University, open directory project and Jan Pedersen, Yahoo. Technical Report, June 2006. open directory project Introduces a link-based approach to classification, which can open directory project be used in isolation or in conjunction with open directory project text-based classification. The[PDF]
  • The Structure of Broad Topics on the Web - By Soumen Chakrabarti, Mukul M. Joshi, Kunal Punera and David M. Pennock, IIT Bombay and NEC Research Institute. In: Proceedings of the 11th international conference on World Wide Web, 2002. Many studies on the Web graph concentrate on the graph structur
  • Web-Page Summarization Using Clickthrough Data - By Jian-Tao Sun, Dou Shen, HuaJun Zeng, Qiang Yang, Yuchang directories Lu and Zheng Chen. In: Proceedings of the 28th Annual directories International ACM SIGIR Conference, August 2005. The authors propose two directories adapted summarization methods that take advantage of the relationshi
  • Algorithmic Computation and Approximation of Semantic Similarity - By A. Maguitman, F. Menczer, F. Erdinc, H. directories Roinestad and A. Vespignani, Indiana University. In: World directories Wide Web, Volume 9, Issue 4, 2006. An directories information-theoretic measure of semantic similarity between pages exploiting directories both hierarchical and non-hierarchica[PDF]
  • Enhanced Word Clustering for Hierarchical Text Classification - By Inderjit S. Dhillon, Subramanyam Mallela and Rahul open directory project Kumar, University of Texas, Austin, USA. Proceedings open directory project of the eighth ACM SIGKDD international conference on open directory project Knowledge discovery and data mining, 2002. The authors open directory project propose a new information-theoretic div[PDF]
  • Lycos Retriever: An Information Fusion Engine - By Brian Ulicny. In: Proceedings of the Human Language Technology Conference of the NAACL. June 2006. The Lycos Retriever automatically generates coherent topical summaries of popular web query topics. The ODP hierarchy is used for topic categorization an[PDF]
  • A General Evaluation Framework for Topical Crawlers - By P. Srinivasan, F. Menczer and G. Pant. directories In: Information Retrieval, 2005. The ODP hierarchy is directories used as source for topics.[PDF]
  • OCELOT: A System for Summarizing Web Pages - By Adam L. Berger, Carnegie Mellon University, and open directory project Vibhu O. Mittal, Just Research, Pittsburgh, USA. In: open directory project Proceedings of the 23rd Annual International ACM SIGIR open directory project Conference, 2000. Probabilistic models are used to select open directory project and order words into a gist. The open directory project pape
  • Topic Sensitive PageRank - T. Haveliwala proposes bringing topical information into PageRank open directory project directories calculation, using pages listed in the ODP. In: open directory project directories Proceedings of the Eleventh International World Wide open directory project directories Web Conference, May 2002.[PDF]
  • THESUS: Organizing Web Document Collections Based on Link Semantics - By Maria Halkidi, Benjamin Nguyen, Iraklis Varlamis and research papers Michalis research papers Vazirgiannis. In: The VLDB Journal - The research papers International Journal research papers on Very Large Data Bases, 2003. research papers Currently Web documents research papers are classified based on their research papers content not taking into research papers account the fact[PDF]

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