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  • Automatic Evaluation of World Wide Web Search Services - By Abdur Chowdhury, America Online Inc., and Ian Soboroff, research papers National Institute of Standards and Technology, USA. 2002. The authors research papers present a method for comparing search engines automatically based on research papers how they rank known item search results. The queries ar[PDF]
  • Random Sampling from a Search EngineĀ“s Corpus - By Ziv Bar-Yossef and Maxim Gurevich. Technical report, open directory project August 2006. Two novel algorithms for random sampling open directory project are used to collect comparative statistics on the open directory project corpora of Google, MSN Search and Yahoo. ODP open directory project is used to create a test search engine open directory project and query p[PDF]
  • Using Titles and Category Names from Editor-driven Taxonomies for Automatic Evaluation - By Steven M. Beitzel, Eric C. Jensen, Abdur Chowdhury and David Grossman. Illinois Institute of Technology, USA. In: Proceedings of the twelfth international conference on Information and knowledge management, 2003. Evaluation of IR systems has always be[PDF]

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