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Matthew Drouin explains how web accessibility is similar to SEO along with the 5 essential actions to take to make a site accessible.

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  • Could Helen Keller Read Your Page? - Technical tips on improving the accessibility of a web page.
  • Accessibility Wizard - A tool for web developers and project teams. accessibility It breaks accessibility down the WAI Checkpoints into individual accessibility tasks for each job accessibility role in a development accessibility team.
  • Accessibility Guide - A guide designed to help webmasters comply with web accessibility web design and development guidelines, with special emphasis on HTML techniques.
  • RNIB Campaign for Good Web Design - Royal National Institute for the Blind\\'s campaign for accessible web design.
  • Access.Edu - Information pertaining to the creation of accessible Web sites, evaluation web design and development tools, tutorials.
  • Digital Web Magazine: Accessibility - Web accessibility articles by various authors.
  • Accessible HTML/XHTML Forms - Beginner, intermediate, and advance tutorials on how to web design and faqs, help, and tutorials development make web-based forms more accessible to those with web design faqs, help, and tutorials and development disabilities.
  • Evaluating Web Sites for Accessibility - Outlines approaches for preliminary review web site accessibility web design and accessibility development and for evaluation of conformance to the Web web design accessibility and development Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0.
  • Society for Technical Communication: Internet Accessibility - Information about accessibility to the Internet. Points web design and development to many articles, websites and tools to help web design and development create and analyze digital documents.
  • How to Make Website Content Accessible - Articles with advice and tips on making website faqs, help, and accessibility tutorials content universally accessible.
  • Accessible Web Authoring Resources and Education Center - The AWARE center is a resource developed by accessibility the HTML Writer\\'s Guild to assist all accessibility web writers to create more accessible web accessibility sites.
  • Isolani - Articles on creating accessible forms that work with faqs, help, and web design and development tutorials Javascript, text-only websites, and structured tables.
  • AccessibleNet.org - Accessible directory of links and resources to help faqs, help, and faqs, help, and tutorials tutorials Policy Makers and Web Designers make informed decisions faqs, help, faqs, help, and tutorials and tutorials about Web accessibility.
  • ATPM.com - Web Accessibility - Article by Raena Armitage. Addresses why accessibility Web accessibility matters, and gives some practical tips accessibility to apply to your Web sites right now.
  • Importance of HTML Headings for Accessibility - An 8-minutes YouTube video with a demonstration and discussion of faqs, help, and tutorials why correct use of HTML headings are important for screen-reader faqs, help, and tutorials users.
  • 508 Spot - Guides and resources to help web design and accessibility development build applications with accessibility and usability.
  • Adobe Accessibility Resource Center - Learn how to make your site more accessible when using Adobe software.
  • Introduction to Accessible Web Design - Article introducing accessible Web design and initiatives to improve accessibility.
  • Accessible Web Page Design - List of resources for building accessible websites.
  • Introduction to WAI ARIA - Opera Developer Community article by Gez Lemon, serving as an introduction for those who are new to Accessible Rich Internet Applications guidelines.
  • Web Accessibility - An overview of website access for people with disabilities, and web design and development an overview of UK law and the Disability Discrimination Act.
  • Dive into Accessibility - A 30 day guide to making a website more accessible. web design and development Can be downloaded as a PDF.
  • Opensourcetutorials.com: Web Accessibility Is Similar To Search Engine Optimization - Matthew Drouin explains how web accessibility is similar to SEO accessibility along with the 5 essential actions to take to make accessibility a site accessible.
  • ICDRI: Accessibility on the Web - Article defining accessibility and arguing its importance from accessibility ethical and web design and development economic perspectives. Covers basic techniques for accessibility design and testing.
  • ATPM.com: Putting Curb Cuts and Wider Doors on the Internet: Toward Web Site Accessibility - Article by Sylvester Roque and Kimberly Nyles-Roque. accessibility Covers faqs, help, and tutorials disabilities that can affect the internet accessibility experience, and gives advice faqs, help, and tutorials on how to improve accessibility sites and avoid causing problems for faqs, help, and tutorials users.
  • Papers on Section 508 - Multiple papers on the subject of creating accessible accessibility forms and tables.
  • Designing More Usable Web Sites - Research and links from the Trace Center, University of Wisconsin-Madison.
  • Building Accessible Websites - Introductory book by Joe Clark. Full text available accessibility online.
  • EServer TC Library: Accessibility - A rapidly-growing annotated bibliography of reviewed and rated faqs, help, and tutorials online resources in accessible and universally-usable design.
  • Royal National Institute for the Blind: Web Access Centre - Web accessibility resources.

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