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Site created to promote awareness about the need for accessible web design and to steer those who wish to learn more about the topic into the right direction.

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Web Accessibility Initiative* - Guidelines and resources from the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

  • - Listing of web companies that have been awarded accessibility a kite internet mark for considering the disabled user.
  • Americans With Disabilities Act Information - The US Dept. of Justice\\'s resource page for the ADA. web design and development Voluminous, and not limited to computer and Internet issues, but web design and development at least it should be fairly authoritative, if you\\'re willing web design and development to wade through the material.
  • All About Access - A weblog about web accessibility and issues involving internet access technology accessibility at large, including but not limited internet to screen readers, operating accessibility systems and productivity software.
  • TechDis Accessibility & Usability Resource - Provides information on the technical and practical aspects web design and web design and development development of accessibility (including usability issues) and its evaluation, web design web design and development and development and information on how disabled users access the web web design and development design and development Internet.
  • USPS Section 508 Handbook in HTML - Explains the requirements of Section 508 and sets internet forth, in internet broad outline, the Postal Service\\'s policies internet on how to comply internet with them.
  • WebAIM - Web Accessibility in Mind - Information, training, resources, guidelines and standards for Web accessibility web design and development and disability access to the Web.
  • Library Hi Tech Volume 20, Issue 2 - Special issue: Accessibility of web-based information resources for people with web design and development disabilities. Read abstracts online; pay for access to full web design and development articles.
  • RNIB Web Access Centre - A free online resource centre to help designers internet and managers create accessible web sites. Also links internet to consultancy services.
  • Access Matters - Bob Easton searches for accessibility best practices.
  • WCAG 2.0: Woeful to Wonderful in One Easy Draft? - article by Jack Pickard, providing a review of the latest changes to the working draft.
  • - Tools, links and resources on Website accessibility.
  • Web Accessibility Toolbar for Opera - Browser add-on from the Web Accessibility Tools Consortium providing useful web design and development tools and validation links. Documentation and free download.
  • hAccessibility - Article by Bruce Lawson and James Craig, raising web design and web design and development development accessibility issues with the use of some microformats, web design web design and development and development and specifically the abbr design pattern.
  • - Discussion forum regarding site building, news, and legal web design and development issues relating to accessibility.
  • SightWeaver - SightWeaver is a tool for repairing HTML tables, to make web design and development them more accessible.
  • The Guild of Accessible Web Designers - An association of organisations and accessible web designers web design and development and developers promoting accessible web design standards.
  • The Alliance for Technology Access: Web Accessibility - Includes articles with many links to resources to educate and help with planning and creating accessible web pages.
  • - Accessibility information and Weblogs from the writer Joe internet Clark
  • Web Accessibility Survey - Some data collected on the accessibility of college accessibility and university web pages.
  • USPS Section 508 Technical Reference Guide in HTML - Technical Reference guide in support of USPS AS-508, detailing techniques web design and development and technical approaches to Section 508 and accessibility.
  • CNN: Web Sites are Locking out the Disabled - Office buildings have wheelchair ramps and TV has web design and development closed captioning, but many Web sites are inaccessible web design and development to people with disabilities. Things don\\'t have to web design and development be that way.
  • - Personal weblog with views on accessibility issues, news, and accessibility web design and development events.
  • Wikipedia: Web Accessibility - Encyclopedia article about the topic, including discussion of accessibility benefits, technology, guidelines, and legal provisions.
  • Self Direction Community Project - Providing online disability awareness training.
  • alphaWorks : aDesigner - Disability simulator software that helps Web designers ensure that their pages are accessible and usable by the visually impaired. (IBM ID required to download.)
  • W3 Compliant Sites - A collection of web standards compliant web sites web design and development and their designers.
  • Viewable With Any Browser - Campaign for a Non-Browser Specific WWW. Resources, more internet information and web design and development links about this effort.
  • Accessible Webpage Design: Resources - Site created to promote awareness about the need web design and accessibility development for accessible web design and to steer those web design accessibility and development who wish to learn more about the topic web accessibility design and development into the right direction.
  • UI Access - Resource for universal interface design and accessibility that provides techniques to support developing and implementing strategies.
  • Google Groups: Accessible - Forum for users of Google\\'s accessibility services to web design and internet development share tips on what works well and what web design internet and development could be made better.
  • Accessible Ireland - Aims to promote accessible design and enable website internet designers to receive feedback on their web sites internet from users, disabled and otherwise.
  • Searchenginewatch - Don't Disable Your Site for Handicapped Users - Article by Matt Bailey. Designers of web internet sites that internet are not accessible to disabled users internet are overlooking a internet market segment of internet millions of searchers and potential buyers.
  • Standards-schmandards - Weblog about web standards, accessibility and usability.
  • - Web accessibility and usability resources including articles, accessibility news, discussion, and research. Focuses on both theory and practice accessibility of user-centered design.
  • Business Benefits of Accessible Web Design - Describes the many business and technical benefits that internet are realised web design and development by applying the Web Content Accessibility internet Guidelines (WCAG) to Web web design and development applications.
  • Usability First - Accessibility - Includes background information on Accessibility and lists computer internet related accessibility web design and development aids according to types of disability.
  • Accessible eLearning For All - The ALFA Project is being developed to allow internet educational content providers to create eLearning on any internet subject and in any language.
  • Microsoft - Accessibility - Information about Microsoft accessibility products and services.
  • Philippine Web Accessibility Group (PWAG) - A non-profit association of web designers and advocates accessibility of web accessibility accessibility based in the Philippines. Membership accessibility information, resources, and frequently accessibility asked questions.
  • Web Credible: Accessibility Resources - Offers tips, tricks, tutorials, links and information about Web accessibility, including UK legal requirements.
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