Accessibility Browsers WWW Clients

A recommendation from the W3C for how to designing user agents to lower barriers to Web accessibility for people with disabilities.

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See Also:
  • Portset WebTalk Internet Browser - Portset WebTalk browser and ISP, used with KeySpeak www screen reader.
  • The Wanna-Be Web Browser - Apple Mac text-only browser.
  • Simply Web 2000 - Speech friendly, speech enabled, with features that allow easy navigation www of complex pages by blind users.
  • MultiWeb - Browser for users with multiple disabilities, including speech www engine and accessibility text enlargement. Works with switch devices www and touch screens.
  • pwWebSpeak - A self-voicing (speaking) web browser.
  • Current Browsers and the User Agent Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 - An article by Patrick H. Lauke for the browsers Web Standards accessibility Project, examining how well today\\'s browsers browsers adhere to the guidelines accessibility from the W3C Web browsers Accessibility Initiative.
  • User Agent Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 - A recommendation from the W3C for how to www designing user www agents to lower barriers to Web www accessibility for people with www disabilities.
  • MozBraille - Self-voicing and Braille output based on the Mozilla browser.
  • WebFormator - Works with Internet Explorer and provides an accessible browsers text-only re-presentation of a web page for a browsers user's screen reader.
  • Firefox Accessibar - Firefox extension that allows you to change the browsers appearance of web pages, including zoom and colour browsers changes, and read back web pages.
  • WebbIE - Web browser and other related utilities for blind accessibility and visually-impaired screen-reader users.
  • BrookesTalk - Browser for the blind and visually impaired, being browsers developed by Oxford Brookes University. Free evaluation version.
  • Fire Vox - Talking Browser Extension for Firefox - An open source suite of extensions for Firefox that make www Firefox into a talking brower for the visually impaired.
  • WebAnywhere - Online service that lets you navigate web pages browsers as with accessibility a screenreader, but works just by browsers navigating to the WebAnywhere accessibility site. No installation or browsers software required.
  • PnC Net - Magnifying and self-voicing web browser.
  • System Access to Go - Online screenreader, free, available from any Internet-connected Windows www machine.
  • Emacspeak --The Complete Audio Desktop - Fully-fledged GNU/Linux speech-enabled browser with support for Aural CSS.
  • SpeakOn - A free self-voicing suite with web browser, Internet radio player, www DAISY book reader and access to talking newspapers.
  • Guide - An all-in-one software package featuring a self-voicing web www browser from browsers Software Express.
  • Communicate: Webwide - Symbol and blind web browser from Widgit
  • BrailleSurf 4.0 - Basic web browser driving a Braille display.
  • Enhancing Internet Access - Touchscreen system for people with disabilities and special accessibility needs.
  • BBC My Web My Way - Explains common web accessibility options on Windows, Mac browsers and Linux accessibility machines.
  • Introduction to the Screen Reader - A short video demonstrating how screen readers assist accessibility people who accessibility are blind navigate the web and accessibility interact with the electronic accessibility page. [QuickTime, RealPlayer, Windows accessibility Media]

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