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Remote website and network performance monitoring service that will email or page you if your internet device or software is down or slow to respond.

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See Also:
  • SiteUptime - Free website monitoring services. Receive instant email notices hosted components and services when your website becomes unavailable. Provides detailed web hosted components and services based statistics and performance reports.
  • At Watch - Watches your web site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It will send immediate alerts via email/pager, fax, or live voice if your site is down or broken.
  • WatchDog - Monitors website status and sends instant notification when site management it site management is not reachable. Demo and purchasing site management information.
  • InternetCM - Online service which allows you to specify Internet monitoring resources, web sites, or keywords that you want monitoring monitored.
  • - European web server monitoring services and availability measurements.
  • Nexus Watch - Monitors availability and performance of web sites, dns, and ftp, including web content checking.
  • WatchOur - Monitors from several locations at once time. Receive alerts describing hosted components and services problems via email, pager and SMS.
  • ACNielsen dMeasure - External website performance monitoring and competitor benchmarking from site management test site management locations in Australia, Asia and US. Escalating site management alerts with site management a wide variety of alert methods.
  • SiteProbe - Tool that checks the status of your website hosted components and site management services hourly. Free limited option available.
  • NetWhistle - Advanced web site monitoring service which tests website site management availability monitoring from worldwide network of servers. Includes site management reports monitoring for web site performance, downtime, ssl, site management http, smtp, pop3 monitoring server monitoring, and instant alerts.
  • Website Alert - Free internet server status monitoring, alerts by e-mail.
  • Yodzu - The 24-hour monitoring service that lets you know the moment your website goes offline.
  • - Remote website and network performance monitoring service that monitoring will email hosted components and services or page you if your internet monitoring device or software is hosted components and services down or slow to monitoring respond.
  • Right Stats - Offering free site statistics and free 500 URL submissions to monitoring top search engines.
  • Vertain - Monitor web sites, multi-page web transactions, and audio/video hosted components and services content. Some free services available.
  • ElkMonitor - Monitors websites and other internet servers for availability hosted components and monitoring services and performance. Alerts users when their sites hosted components monitoring and services or servers are unavailable or performing poorly. hosted monitoring components and services Alerts via email, pager, or SMS. Free trial.
  • WatchMouse - The European site monitoring service, checks servers 24 hour a hosted components and services day, 7 days a week. Offers free and paid services hosted components and services such as web, mail, FTP, and IMAP.
  • CheckUpDown - Automatic check if a Web site is up hosted components and services or down and response times for the server. hosted components and services Also provides some site statistics.
  • TraceRT - Online interface to trigger ping and traceroute tests from more than 200 locations all over the world.
  • Crypton Computers - Provides web-based network monitoring solutions.
  • - Sends email or instant message notification of website hosted components and hosted components and services services service outages.
  • Site Guardian - Customized monitoring solutions to ensure your site is up and hosted components and services functioning properly 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • AlertSite - Monitors the availability and performance of web sites and internet services as often as every minute from multiple geographic locations. Alerts via email, pager, SMS, cell.
  • Webmetrics - Offers monitoring and testing services. Includes company overview monitoring and information site management on support services.
  • Red Alert - Subscription monitoring service.
  • InternetSeer - Remotely monitors Web sites and provides alerts by email or pager email when sites becomes unavailable. Free limited option available.
  • WebSitePulse - Provides website and server monitoring, web application and email system monitoring monitoring services, with email and SMS alerts when problems are monitoring detected.
  • HostGuardian - Server port monitoring, content checking, host process verification, and router monitoring latency/packet loss monitoring.
  • Watch4you - Offers server monitoring with SMS notification. Covers web, hosted components and services mail, and DNS protocols.
  • Uptime - Free website monitoring service based on retrieving a short text site management file. E-mail and/or pager notification. With an overall list of site management monitored sites and their status.
  • Dotcom-Monitor - Global web site monitoring service providing web application monitoring, network site management monitoring, website load stress testing with reporting, notification, escalation and site management analysis in one single solution.
  • SiteRecon - Independent 24/7/365 web site monitoring, notification, and performance hosted components and services verification of mission critical HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, and hosted components and services SMTP servers. Free web site security tools to hosted components and services assist in keeping your site operational.
  • Website Availability - Monitors your web site from the US or monitoring Europe.
  • Alertra - Remote web site monitoring and failure notification from monitoring global network, monitoring supports http, https, ping, smtp, pop3, monitoring imap4, ftp and tcp-level monitoring checks.
  • Netmon - Application that monitors your site through code that you place hosted components and services on your web page. Free version available.
  • 1stMonitor - Web site monitoring notifies you via email when a web monitoring site is down or new content has been posted.
  • CheckMyServer - Remotely monitors your server and alerts you instantly monitoring via SMS, site management MSN Messenger and/or e-mail. Each week monitoring you receive a server site management ranking and reports of monitoring statistics.
  • Mercury SiteScope - Providing application performance, configuration management and network monitoring hosted components and monitoring services software solutions.
  • AlertBot - Web site monitoring service that tests website availability, site management performance, and alerts webmaster of downtime. Also provides site management ftp, http, pop3, snmp, https, smtp, ip, site management and dns server monitoring.
  • Watchdog Host Monitor - Offers 24-hour site monitoring service. Tracks web site performance and hosted components and services accessibility from five global monitoring locations.
  • SiteMonitors - Web site availability and performance monitoring. Provides automated alerts, graphs, hosted components and services and daily/weekly reports via email.

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