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Monitors response times from the agent to a server, by replaying transactions at specified intervals. This includes static and dynamic web applications as well as other server applications.

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See Also:
  • Inmetrics - Provider of IT monitoring products, application monitoring products monitoring and SPB monitoring products.
  • SPIS WebWatch - Web site monitoring software for Win9x/ME/NT/2000/XP
  • Source Internet Marketing Group - SIMG Software specializes in security and privacy solutions ranging from site management Computer and PC network monitoring and filtering to spam protection site management and secure data storage.
  • KnightGuard.Net - Monitors Web Sites 24x7 and notifies you immediately site management if there\'s trouble. User configurable options. Free site management trial available.
  • Radar Website Monitor - Website monitoring software. Monitoring http(s), ftp, mail, dns internet and database.
  • SNMP Tools - Monitoring software for Windows for querying and monitoring site management SNMP site management enabled devices
  • SimpleCheck 1.1 - Command line utility for Win NT/2000/XP that checks if a site management remote server answers correctly to a request on a given site management TCP port. Internet connection monitoring possible.
  • Speed-Trap - Unique client-side, real-time monitoring and analysis of your websites usage, usability and performance.
  • Alert Site - Offers monitoring systems for web servers and email servers. Profile, site management services and product range.
  • Site Vigil - Lets you monitor one or more web sites detecting inaccessible pages, position on search engines, missing pages, unexpected surges or lulls in hits on your web site, error reports and new references.
  • Izlenim Site Monitor - A tool for Windows that keeps an eye on websites to see if they are accessible on the net. When a site goes down, you can choose to be alerted with an audible alarm, E-Mail or ICQ Pager.
  • Treno - Traceroute RENO is a network testing tool designed internet to test internet network performance under load similar to internet that of TCP.
  • SyslogIT Home - Tool to manage Cisco PIX, Linksys, Netgear, Sonicwall site management or monitoring Netscreen syslog data
  • Webwatchbot - Monitoring and analysis software for web sites and monitoring IP devices.
  • Triometric - Real user monitoring tracks end-to-end performance, errors and internet usage for Web applications. It measures real internet not synthetic transactions.
  • Visual Pulse - A server-based ping engine and reporting tool which provides visual internet traceroute information to servers or sites being monitored.
  • Simple Server Monitor - Network server monitoring tool that supports ping, HTTP/HTTPS, site management FTP/FTPS, site management SMTP/SMTPS, POP3/POP3S, IMAP/IMAPS, and custom monitors.
  • Atomic Watch - Website Monitoring Software.
  • eIQ Networks - Provides analysis, reporting and performance management solutions for enterprise applications monitoring and network infrastructure.
  • Montastic - A free website monitoring service. Server statuses also available through site management RSS feeds and by e-mail notification.
  • Gomez, Inc. - Website and web application performance monitoring tools, services, internet and solutions.
  • Generic Systems Supervision - Information Society Project (IST-2001-34162), which aims to define and implement a middleware architecture for generic system supervision.
  • Evaliant Media Resources - Providing online advertising data.
  • Enlyght Software - Offers various monitoring tools. Profile, product range, dealers and downloads.
  • URL Monitor - Monitors HTTP/HTTPS/FTP.
  • PLUTO - Perl-based robot that monitors the accessibility of a monitoring web server.
  • Axiom Toolworks - Describes its product range.
  • Webserver Monitor - Downloadable freeware product.
  • IIS Tracer - Real-time monitoring tool for Microsoft IIS Server. Describes internet its capabilities with example logs, reviews and installation internet instructions.
  • Orca - A tool for plotting arbitrary data from text internet files onto site management a directory on a Web server.
  • Event Tracker - Provides device monitoring, security monitoring, and event log monitoring for internet Windows servers.
  • KeepNI - Monitors a range of network devices and services
  • Packeteer - Provider of application-intelligent performance solutions that protect, control, and accelerate mission-critical applications over the WAN and Internet.
  • PIKT - Freeware Linux utility, not only monitors but fixes site management problems monitoring automatically whenever possible.
  • Page Patrol - Monitors performance and checks for defacement.
  • Paessler GmbH - Builds network infrastructure software to test, monitor and analyse factors such as server load and uptime, traffic and performance.
  • PureAgent - Monitors response times from the agent to a site management server, by replaying transactions at specified intervals. This site management includes static and dynamic web applications as well site management as other server applications.
  • WebSite Watcher - Checks an unlimited number of web-sites for updates site management and changes with a minimum of time and site management online-costs.
  • Integral Technology Solutions - Integral provides software, professional services and training to site management enhance monitoring the monitoring and health of production systems site management built on monitoring BEA WebLogic and BEA Tuxedo.
  • Visualware - Internet performance management tool that analyzes Internet connectivity internet and network internet performance.
  • Keynote - Enterprise monitoring solutions for large e-commerce sites.
  • BMC Software - Corporate home page with full range of product monitoring descriptions, Patrol monitoring and SiteAngel are the enterprise level monitoring monitoring products.
  • TCPTrace - Analyzes the dump file format generated by tcpdump internet and other site management applications. Tracks host sessions and graphs internet rate of traffic.
  • Ixacta - Graphical monitoring tools that assist visualization of website internet performance data.
  • ServersCheck - Service remotely monitoring and alerting on availability and monitoring performance of site management web sites and other Internet systems.
  • Empirix - Company offering testing and monitoring solutions for web, monitoring voice, and internet network applications.
  • Argent Software - System Management Solutions Suite providing Network Monitoring and site management Alerting, monitoring Web Site Monitoring, Performance Monitoring, Capacity Planning, site management Stress Testing monitoring and Automated Job Scheduling for Windows site management NT/2000.
  • PageSentry - Internet server monitor for Macintosh tests Web, SMTP, FTP, AppleShare, site management and other servers.
  • Server Monitoring Software - A tool to monitor server uptime, application availability monitoring and help site management with capacity planning.

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