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administration system for the Linux operating system. In many ways, Linuxconf is different from other administration schemes found on Unix operating systems and most other systems.

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  • Fcron - A periodical command scheduler for Unix and Linux systems.
  • Easilize Software Solutions - Easilize Software Solutions announces EasiLiX SM. Easilix SM, is the software Big Bang for Linux World! EasiLiX has especially two main software aims: First, to make Linux Server and System Management easier software and second, to make Linux more secure and reliable. Easilix software is a
  • Sendmail Home Page - A resource for solving those freeware sendmail issues
  • Linuxconf project - administration system for the Linux administration software operating system. In many ways, administration Linuxconf is different from software other administration administration schemes found on Unix software operating systems administration and most other systems.
  • Webmin - a web-based interface for system administration for Unix. software Using any browser that supports tables and software forms, you can setup user accounts, Apache, DNS, software file sharing and so on.
  • dnsupdate - create/update (dynamic) DNS tables, uses BIND 8 - Create DNS tables from hosts file and configuration file. Also administration add/delete hosts, aliases, nameservers, forward and reverse zones. Hosts and administration aliases added using dynamic update.
  • Sudo - Allows administrator to give restricted root access.
  • create html report of the mail server (apache, perl, mysql) - Mailreport is a powerful tool to analyse mail log file, administration all explicit pattern are saved in a MYSQL database. administration You can automate this process with the crontab.
  • Unix and Linux Solutions and Utilities - Parkridge specializes in customized solutions, system administration, systems administration integration and network security for Unix systems. Developers administration of Unix system administration utility products. administration As a consequence of supporting Unix systems administration for many years we ha
  • JACAL - A suite of programs, scripts, guidelines, protocols, documentation, and diskettes, administration that assist in quick, network-based loads and builds of machines.
  • Swbis - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation - The swbis project is a from-scratch implementation of unix the POSIX unix spec IEEE Std 1387.2-1995 which describes unix a format and utilities unix for software packaging. The unix scope of the POSIX spec includes unix a package unix format, meta-data file format, and utilities for packag
  • Software I've contributed too... - This page is about the software I\\'ve written (or contributed unix to). I release all of my software under the unix GNU General Public License, or (where appropriate) the GNU unix Library General Public License. Check out the pages of unix the Free Software Foundation for
  • IDEALX Management Console - IMC (IDEALX Management Console) is an Open Source platform for unix developing web administration consoles, similar to Webmin.
  • FAI (Fully Automatic Installation) Home Page - FAI is a non interactive system to install administration a Debian Linux operating system on administration a PC cluster.

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