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Global nonprofit group open to companies actively engaged in the sale of interactive advertising and marketing. Membership features IAB events, research tools, industry news, and a newsletter.

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W3C - The World Wide Web Consortium* - The World Wide Web Consortium was created to lead the World Wide Web to its full potential by developing common protocols that promote its evolution and ensure its interoperability.

  • Afterlife - Not-for-profit organization offers to archive Web sites after the author organizations is deceased. Includes history of the organization and forms organizations for site owners and volunteers.
  • Web Programmers Association - Not-for-profit organization dedicated to showcasing new and innovative Web based internet applications.
  • Good News Web Designers Association - Group advocating professionalism and Christian principles in web web design and organizations development design work. Membership privileges include a free web design organizations and development online course for improving your web site.
  • Wise-Women - Resource for female (and male) web designers, developers and programmers, internet featuring tips and tutorials on a variety of web related internet subjects. Features several mailing lists including one for Java script.
  • Purdue Web Development Organization - Student Organization at Purdue University, dedicated to furthering organizations the interest internet and knowledge of our members in organizations all aspects of web internet development.
  • Web Design and Developers Association - Features industry news and web hosting packages.
  • Web Standards Group - For web designers and developers who are interested organizations in web web design and development standards (HTML, XHTML, XML, CSS, XSLT organizations etc.) and best practices web design and development (accessible sites using valid organizations and semantically correct code).
  • W3C Members - List of current members of the World Wide organizations Web Consortium.
  • UK Web Design Association - Promotes industry standards within the UK new media web design and organizations development sector. Features free membership, a searchable directory, use web design organizations and development of the UKWDA logo, a monthly newsletter, and web organizations design and development dispute resolution service.
  • International Council of Online Professionals - Members build customer trust and credibility by placing an iCop organizations seal of membership on their site.
  • Independent Web Designers Portal - Web development promotion site offering independent web designers, internet programmers and scripters. Includes profiles of work, internet contact details, and articles.
  • Web Standards Project - Promoting standards compliance on the Web.
  • Interactive Advertising Bureau - Global nonprofit group open to companies actively engaged internet in the web design and development sale of interactive advertising and marketing. internet Membership features IAB events, web design and development research tools, industry news, internet and a newsletter.

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