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A host of downloads, such as Space Invaders, , tips and other psion content. Also a useful article on connecting via Infra Red.

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See Also:
  • TomTom - GPS satellite navigation solutions for mobile phones, PDAs and motor vehicles.
  • Huub's ExAbEtAl Site - A homepage of a famous Psion developer (EPOC and SiBO) software - Huub Linthorst. Contains the newest versions of his software software and links.
  • JBSoft - Programs for download and information for the Psion.
  • PDYea - Nokia Communicator games. "Paratrooper", shoot down the falling software paratroopers before they reach the ground and "Flashcard", software use flashcards to learn simple maths.
  • p5httpd - Tiny HTTP server written in perl, in order to run software perl CGI scripts on EPOC machines.
  • Matt Gumbley's Home Page - Home Pages of Matt Gumbley. Personal pages and software distribution epoc point. For both EPOC and SiBO
  • - A host of downloads, such as Space Invaders, , tips and other psion content. Also a useful article on connecting via Infra Red.
  • CoDriver - In-car navigation for the Psion 5.
  • Onflo International - EPOC Word to Mac text conversion, nICQ. Also symbian some Hong Kong Psion support.
  • PieCafe takeaway - Free software for EPOC devices, including "Solun - The Pocket epoc Planetarium".
  • DreamSpring - Mobile computing software developer producing applications for EPOC software and Symbian based mobile computers, PDAs, handhelds, mobile software communicators and smart phones.
  • Hol5 - EPOC Holiday Writer - HOL5 is a calendar application that allows computation and insertion of holidays into an EPOC system agenda file. Dates can be based on Christian, Hebrew or Islamic calendars using rules written with a specific macro language. Several files are provided,
  • Great Ape Software - Games software for Epoc computers such as No software Mans Land epoc (Command and Conquer style).
  • FreEPOC - Freeware for EPOC devices. Applications ranging from games to Mathematics software and financial
  • - Programming articles and EPOC Freeware, including JTelnet, StationeryPad, epoc W2, nCalc. symbian Home of John McAleely.
  • RMR Software - Providers of high quality shareware for the EPOC software Machines (Series symbian 5/5mx/7/Geofox-One/Ericsson MC218/Netbook),Series 3mx/3c/3a, S3 \\'Classic and software Siena, as well as symbian the Acorn Pocketbook,nd resources software for EPOC/SIBO Developers.
  • Viking Informatics Ltd - Developer of software for Psion (EPOC) handheld computers epoc and Nokia symbian Smartphones (Symbian). Shareware and freeware games epoc and utilities available for symbian download.
  • Twiddlebit Software - Shareware and freeware software for EPOC (Psion Series 5 and Geofox One) and SIBO (Psion Series 3a,3c,3mx, Acorn PBII, and Siena).
  • The Dern's Psion Software - Shareware apps for EPOC devices. In English and symbian French
  • Bioeddie's - Psion emulators, machine histories, new and old programs epoc or sell you psion product. Also a news epoc and chat section.
  • EMCC Software - Provides mobile solutions for the Symbian platform including epoc product development, technical consultancy services and developer training.
  • Psiloc Mobile Solutions - Provider for Symbian OS based smartphones. Contains product information, list symbian of resellers, and company details.
  • neuon - Creates excellent shareware and freeware such as nConvert software and nICQ.
  • Opera for Mobile - Web browser for Symbian OS and EPOC devices. Supports Java, CSS, SSL, and multiple windows.
  • Ximplify - Software for Symbian ER6 such as a list software management tool software and financial calculator.
  • Frevo - Psion Revo freeware and reviews. Over 120 free symbian software listings software for Psion handheld PDAs.
  • Freeman's site - A zx spectrum emulator for the Psion 3mx
  • Widget Software - Philips Nino / Velo, Psion, PalmPilot and Nokia symbian Communicator Software software and Accessories. Worldwide, UK delivery, order symbian online.
  • Totally Trygve - Freeware and Shareware programs for EPOC (not 6+). epoc Freeware HTML Editor and a few utilities.

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