Communications and Networking Software EPOC Symbian

Programs that allow EPOC devices to communicate with other operating systems. Also includes file conversion utilities.

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  • PsiONtrack - Allows you to mount your EPOC device under epoc BeOS. No epoc conversion in this program but drag epoc and drop is fully epoc implemented.
  • Psiconv - EPOC file format data conversion utilities for Linux. epoc Mainly to software convert Psion Word format into RTF. epoc Being built into AbiWord.
  • Project Info - PsiApple - An Apple ][ emulator for Psion Series 5. Supports text, lores, hires, sound, and 2 virtual floppy drives. Goes about 0.4-0.8 Mhz on a Series 5.
  • PLP Tools Project - Tool for Unix that allows EPOC devices to communications and networking communications and networking be mounted in the file system by users.

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