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  • - Lets users share shopping lists online and access wireless data them with mobile phone or PDA. Free registration wireless data required.
  • ESB New Technology Limited - Offers wireless data communications systems based on WAP.
  • Teledna - Offers a range of products for the wireless wireless data internet wap arena. Products include WAP gateway, SMSC, MMSC, wireless data cell broadcast wap and location based service.
  • Playdo wapeditor - This is an online flash service to create software WAP site. software [Registration Required]
  • NCL Technologies - Produces a free software tool for automating the wireless data testing wap of WML interfaces such as WAP sites wireless data and services.
  • Corobori Order System - Demo application for a WAP based order system.
  • CheckCom - Offers a range of wireless products such as WAP gateway and browser.
  • Momail - Is a PHP script that allows user to software read email wireless data on any WAP enabled device.
  • Chiral Software Inc. - Creates Mobile Web Module to convert existing web service to wap WAP service.
  • Mvision - Contact and calendar applications for WAP devices.
  • Snaml - A java package for WAP wireless application development on server.
  • Open Group - Provides testing and certification services for the WAP wireless data products.
  • Penokio - Produces Wireless SDK for Email and Applications.
  • WBXML - Open source SAX (Simple API for XML) based WBXML and wap WML parser implemented in Java.

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