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  • Numeric Algorithm Laboratories - M3Gate is a WAP browser which can be integrated with Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 4 or later) and Netscape Communicator (version 4.5 or later). It is available for Pocket PCs with ARM, MIPS and SH3 processors.
  • Apache Software Consulting Inc. - Produces a wide range of WAP browsers for different devices.
  • wApua - A WAP browser written in Perl/Tk. [Released under clients the GNU General Public License]
  • Winwap Technologies - WAP browser for viewing the mobile Internet, works clients over ordinary clients home Internet connections. Also offer software clients libraries for developers wanting clients to add MMS and clients WAP functionality to their solutions. [Windows, clients PocketPC]
  • wmlbrowser - Simulates WAP browsing by viewing WML pages as wap a plugin clients for Mozilla Suite, SeaMonkey or Firefox.

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