Silverlight Development Frameworks Multimedia

An open source implementation of Silverlight for Linux and other Unix operating systems. Includes information on future support, goals, mailing lists, bug reports and downloads.

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See Also:
  • Moonlight - An open source implementation of Silverlight for Linux multimedia and other multimedia Unix operating systems. Includes information multimedia on future support, goals, multimedia mailing lists, bug reports multimedia and downloads.
  • Shine Draw - Compares examples of Flash versus Silverlight. Includes silverlight Flash and multimedia Silverlight gallery, source code and contact silverlight information.
  • Microsoft Silverlight Streaming by Windows Live - Building block service offering SDK and developer forum.
  • Silverlight: Get Started Building A Deeper Experience Across The Web - Offers introduction to development in environment.
  • Microsoft Unveils Silverlight to Power the Next Generation of Media Experiences on the Web - Microsoft press release announcing the launch of this multimedia new solution for video and interactivity on Mac- multimedia and Windows-based Web browsers.
  • Microsoft Silverlight - Official Microsoft-sponsored community site. Includes tutorials, latest news, showcase, community gallery and forum.
  • WPF Dev - WPF and Silverlight design and development news, components, multimedia and resources.
  • Is Microsoft's Silverlight likely to shine? - With its announcement of a slew of deals multimedia with webcasters and other media firms to produce multimedia and deliver content on the Silverlight video system, multimedia Microsoft is challenging not only to Adobe\\'s Flash multimedia but also QuickTime, RealPlayer and even its own multimedia Windows Media
  • Silverlight Articles - RSS feeds for articles related to Silverlight technology. silverlight Includes silverlight information about books, jobs and latest silverlight news.
  • Visifire - Offers set of open source data visualization components.
  • SilverlightShow - An independent community dedicated to Microsoft Silverlight. development frameworks Contains information about news, articles, tips, shows, showcase, development frameworks books, events and jobs.
  • - Free Silverlight .NET Controls. Includes tutorials, downloads and demonstrations.
  • MSDN Silverlight Dev Center - Offers downloads, video how-tos, and developer news.

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