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Educational tool to be used for learning about MP3 encoding. LAME aims to be the basis of a patent free audio compression codec.

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See Also:
  • CFB Software - Site features LP Ripper, software to LP and encoders audio cassette mp3 to MP3 and CD.
  • Rosoft CD Extractor - Encode MP3 and WAV from CD.
  • Media Box MP3 Workstation - Program for playing, encoding and decoding MP3 audio. Limited free version with a full version for sale.
  • Dionysus' MP3 Encoder - Freeware, converts audio to high-quality MP3 format.
  • LAME Project - Educational tool to be used for learning about software MP3 encoding. software LAME aims to be the basis software of a patent free software audio compression codec.
  • winLAME - Graphical user interface built on top of the encoders LAME MP3-encoding mp3 library. Includes details of features, screen-shots, encoders development information and download. mp3 [GPL/LGPL]
  • MP3 Strip It! - Encoder and ripper that supports BladeEnc and Fraunhofer encoders software.
  • LAME Binaries - Precompiled binaries of the LAME encoder for Windows.
  • DeltaSoft Computing - MP3 Converter, a batch converter of WAV to software MP3 and software MP3 to WAV, as well as software rip CD audio to software MP3 or WAV. Audio software Renamer, batch audio renamer MP3 and software WMA files software according to their MP3 or WMA ID3 Tags software software or external playlist information.
  • MP3 and WAV Converter - Freeware encoder/decoder for converting WAV files into MP3 encoders format and vice-versa.
  • MP3Enc - Original encoder from the Fraunhofer Institute. Demo version.

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