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Winamp plugin for managing MP3 files. Allows users to search through their collection and view the most recently played songs and playlists.

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  • MP3 Boss - Full-featured file management system for MP3 collections. Includes file and playlist managers integrated support for Winamp, automatic scanning of ID3 file and playlist managers tags, database functions, file cleanup, and general file and playlist managers file management.
  • Advanced MP3 Catalog - Windows tool with an Explorer-like interface that allows file and playlist managers users to catalog MP3 files by adding comments file and playlist managers and sorting by quality or specific ID3 tags.
  • Mp3Tagger - Open source ID3 tag utility with the ability to rename mp3 MP3s based on tags, create tags based on MP3 name, mp3 generate playlists, create backup files of lyrics, and auto-neaten all mp3 tags. (Requires the Java runtime environment)
  • Audio Tags Editor - This file tag editor enables you to edit file and playlist software managers tags, rename files and folders, export data to file and software playlist managers various formats and to save playlists.
  • Magic MP3 Tagger - Windows MP3 tagger that has been designed to automatically identify MP3 files. Supports all ID3 tag versions and enables to rename, sort and tag music collections.
  • ID3-TagIT - Windows freeware ID3 tag editor with many advanced features. Supports software ID3 versions 1.1, 2.3 and 2.4. [English and German]
  • MP3rat - Player, playlist manager, tag editor, and music organizer that supports software ID3 version one and two with search. software [Shareware]
  • Helium 2 - Audio file manager that supports audio files in the software formats MP3, Ogg Vorbis (OGG), Windows Media Audio (WMA), MPC software and MP+ files. [Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/2003 Server]
  • MP3 File Editor - Utility to help manage MP3 collections. Combines an software MP3 player, tag editor, and file manager. Can software rename files based on the ID3 tag, supports software M3U playlists, and can export playlists in DBF, software TXT, and HTML formats.
  • QuickNamer - Open source program that automatically retrieves the correct software metadata such software as titles and album name from software Musicbrainz for mp3 files. software It then saves the software data in ID3v1 or ID3v2 tags software and renames software the files accordingly.
  • MP3TAG - An easy-to-use tool to edit metadata of common software audio formats. It can rename files, replace characters, software import/export tag information, create playlists...
  • Dj Quarc - Winamp plugin for managing MP3 files. Allows users mp3 to search software through their collection and view the mp3 most recently played songs software and playlists.
  • DailyMP3: MP3 Playlisters - 140+ downloadable programs to manage and/or list MP3 files.
  • SmartTagFix - Open source utility for GNU/Linux and Windows that mp3 intelligently fills in missing MP3 ID3 tags, even mp3 when files are named in different formats.
  • MPEG Script - Utility which reads data from MPEG audio files mp3 and creates mp3 text file reports displaying artist information, mp3 title, and other optional mp3 details. Can output to mp3 txt, rtf, and html formats with mp3 various sorting mp3 and grouping options.
  • MP3 Detective - Program that searches for MP3 files, manages playlists, and plays mp3 (through a default player.)

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