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Collection of useful MP3 utilities including a CD ripper/encoder, sound editor, and a jukebox/decoder. All programs have many advanced features.

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  • MP3 Surgeon - Program providing a fast and easy way to software edit MP3s. software Has the ability to split, software trim, join, and create software previews of MP3 files. software It also supports VBR files and software can repair software errors in the Mpeg data.
  • Pause Between Songs - Winamp plugin that adds pauses between songs in software a playlist. mp3 Is useful for MD users.
  • MP3Wrapster - Windows program to insert a URL link into MP3 songs, software add marketing messages and create self-playing songs.
  • DART - Digital Audio Restoration Technology provides products for advanced software audio restoration and improving the quality of sound software files. Includes a CD ripper, encoding functionality, and software tools for CD writing.
  • JReceiver - Java servlet-based host for "digital audio receivers" - software stereo components software that play digital audio streams in software high fidelity from a software networked source.
  • MP3 LCD TSR - A frontend for MpxPlay, for using and setting software up an software LCD monitor.
  • SpyAmp - Plugin for Winamp that runs a web server mp3 allowing others mp3 to connect to the computer using mp3 a browser and see/download mp3 what is being played. mp3 The site also lists servers that mp3 are currently mp3 open.
  • DailyMP3.com: MP3 Utilities - Huge collection of various MP3 utilities categorized into different types.
  • CD Master - Windows-based shareware CD player with capabilities to convert software audio CDs software to WAV or MP3 formats. Also software features a customizable user software interface and CDDB lookup.
  • Yamp - MP3 utility with the ability to encode MP3 software files (constant utilities or variable bitrates), decode back to software WAV format, and rip utilities CDs. Contains many advanced software features including batch processing, filtering, and utilities ID3 tag software editing.
  • Birdcage Software: MP3 Tools - Collection of useful MP3 utilities including a CD software ripper/encoder, sound software editor, and a jukebox/decoder. All programs software have many advanced features.
  • MP3 Cleaning/Trimming Utilities - Contains two programs mp3Trim and wavTrim for doing basic editing software of MP3 and WAV files. They allow you to cut software sections out of files, trim silence from the beginning and software end, change the overall volume of the track and fade software the beginning or end of tracks.
  • MP3 Grouppie - Utility to help you download MP3 files from utilities your ISP\\'s news server. Articles are summarized and utilities available MP3 files are listed, you can then utilities listen to a preview of an MP3 before utilities downloading.

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