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See Also:
  • Principles of digital audio - Book by Ken C. Pohlmann.
  • Mayah - Hard- and software company for professional broadcasting products with AAC/MP4 mpeg-4 support.
  • Nokia developer forum - Platform to support the implementation of their software SDKs including AAC/MP4.
  • Coding Technologies - Company that invented Spectral Band Replication (SBR) and combined it with MP3 (mp3PRO) and AAC (aacPlus or HE AAC).
  • Audio Research Labs - ARL is a commercial laboratory involved in subjective music and audio audio formats quality assessment methods like preparing and analyzing codec music and audio audio formats comparisons for 3GPP.
  • Apple - Overview of their implementation and contribution to the MPEG-4 standard.
  • - Resource for news, information and products about MPEG-4, H.264, Windows Media, High-Definition, Streaming Media and related technologies.
  • MP4-SA Developer Tools - John Lazarro and John Wawrzynek from the CS Division, UC audio formats Berkeley provide tutorials, downloads, manuals and links related to the audio formats Structured Audio format.
  • Introduction to Digital Audio Coding and Standards - Book by Marina Bosi and Richard E. Goldberg.
  • ISO/IEC - Publicly available standards from the International Organization for music and audio music and audio Standardization including MPEG-4 with 14496-5 containing the Audio, music and audio music and audio Visual and Systems parts.
  • Text-To-Speech Synthesis - Bell Labs\\' / Lucent Technologies multi-lingual TTS demos audio formats and audio formats introduction to this coding method.
  • Structured Audio Open Group - The main goal of the SAOG was to implement Structured audio formats Audio (SA) in open source applications offering a portal for audio formats their users with forum and downloads of samples and software.
  • Machine Listening - Reading list for an MIT seminar, most of the mentioned publications are directly available on their web server or linked to Amazon's book section.
  • EE Times - "Meeting MPEG-4 advanced audio coding requirements", knowledgeable article music and audio mpeg-4 summarizing the most important properties of AAC for music and audio mpeg-4 hardware playback.
  • Via Licensing - Patent pool administrator for AAC with FAQs and overviews of royalty fees for commercial implementations.
  • Mp4-tech - The web archive of the public MPEG Industry mpeg-4 Forum mailing list with many knowledgeable participants from mpeg-4 companies like FhG, Apple and Microsoft.
  • Applications of Digital Signal Processing to Audio and Acoustics - Book by Mark Kahrs and Karlheinz Brandenburg.
  • Fraunhofer IIS - Information about the different parts of MPEG-4 Natural or General audio formats Audio (GA) from one of the inventors of these formats, audio formats see also their page about MPEG-2 AAC.
  • Speech Synthesis Examples - Many TTS demos in several languages from different music and audio mpeg-4 systems with links to their homepages.
  • Telos Systems - Hardware manufacturer of the Zephyr ISDN codecs for radio and audio formats television broadcasters providing articles and brochures about different AAC implementations.
  • IBM Composite Media Group - Overview of their implementation and contribution to the music and audio mpeg-4 MPEG-4 standard, especially for the Systems part.
  • QuickTime development - Apple offers technical FAQs, knowledge base and publicly mpeg-4 available documentation files including the MOV file format.
  • Hydrogen Audio - Forum about audio coding in general with two music and audio mpeg-4 separate boards for AAC.
  • Roberto's listening tests - Provides public group comparisons of several AAC codecs and other music and audio formats at different bitrates.
  • Digital Radio Mondiale - DRM is a world-wide initiative to use analog audio formats AM audio formats radio for digital sound and services implementing audio formats aacPlus at audio formats very low bitrates, often mixed up audio formats with Digital Rights audio formats Management for copy protection.
  • Mobiledia - Reviews, articles and forum discussions about cell phones capable of mpeg-4 AAC/MP4/3GP playback (also called "iTunes" format sometimes, use the site mpeg-4 search).
  • Doom9 - Besides this forum for audio codecs there are audio formats others music and audio for container formats and video encoding in audio formats general with music and audio FAQs.
  • AES Publications - All available articles and documents from the Journal mpeg-4 of Audio music and audio Engineering Society with search tool including mpeg-4 a CD about coding music and audio artifacts.
  • Tuner2 - List of internet radio stations using aacPlus for audio formats their music and audio low bitrate streams, among them and audio formats Boomer Radio.
  • MPEG LA - Patent pool administrator for the MPEG-4 Systems part music and audio of the standard including the MP4 file format.
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