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Automatically produce play lists for different occasions and moods, in different lengths, for different dates, or as continuously running music.

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Playback Automation

See Also:
  • Broadcast Technical Services Group (BTSG) - Developer of radio automation software.
  • DigAS - Digital audio system for broadcast professionals working with software audio material software in radio stations.
  • P Squared - Broadcast radio software for scheduling to on air playback.
  • Audio Enhance - DJ automation software for radio and internet webcasting, clubs, and playback automation pubs.
  • - Automation and playlist creation software for small radio stations and internet broadcasters.
  • GWS NovaLog - An audio logging program that records in RealAudio.
  • STORQ Automation - Simplifies common tasks, helps make running a station playback automation more software efficient.
  • DRS 2006 - Radio automation software, includes launcher, database connector, playlist music and audio editor, logger.
  • Raduga - Music scheduling software for radio stations, clubs, and shops. Also can assist live DJs or do full automation.
  • Nautilus - Radio automation systems for on air delivery of music, talk, music and audio and news. Scheduling and traffic module with billing.
  • OMT Technologies - Makers of iMediaTouch and iMediaLogger software for the media and broadcast industry.
  • TuneTracker System - Automation software for broadcast over the air, the music and audio software Internet, an intranet, lpfm, community stations, and on-hold music and audio software radio. BeOS.
  • The TuneTracker System - Radio automation software based on the BEOS operating system.
  • Pristine RapidFire - For scheduling and tracking digital broadcasts.
  • Autoplus - Digital broadcast software.
  • Call Buscall10 - Announcement program for venues such as bus stations, airports, cruise software ships, malls, and public buildings. Multilingual support.
  • E20Italia - Sonica Plus supports multiple stations, music formats, cross music and audio music and audio fades.
  • QSound Soft - Radio automation software, in-store radio, internet broadcasting.
  • Studio MIXX - For radio and TV, broadcast automation software, traffic builders and playback automation log systems.
  • ReadyDJ - DJ Set builder. Use PC as a live software audio switcher. music and audio Support for MP3, wav and software RealAudio.
  • RMSLive - Specialise in radio management systems and audio playout software applications. playback automation Demo available.
  • Broadcast Computers and Software - Radio automation software, playback automation for DJs, audio music and audio logging, live assist, audio recording and editing.
  • InterPlanetary Solutions - Makes AudioStream, an audio logging program. For radio music and audio stations, governments, media monitoring industries.
  • ENCO Systems, Inc. - Digital audio storage and reproduction systems.
  • Dreyer Media Broadcast - Supplies and supports broadcast radio automation systems.
  • PCM Gold - Radio automation software, with scheduling, production, and live music and audio software website program updating. Also on-air radio station logging music and audio software software. Commercial, with free trial available.
  • Winamp Radio Scheduler - Site to promote and distribute Winamp Radio Scheduler, music and audio a freeware program.
  • BSI - Broadcast Software International - Offering systems for radio station automation.
  • Replay Radio - Records radio shows to MP3 or CD.
  • Podcast Station - Win2K and XP podcast creation software. Record, edit, mix, publish to the web. Educational prices available.
  • Moodmixer PRO - Automatically produce play lists for different occasions and playback automation moods, music and audio in different lengths, for different dates, or playback automation as continuously music and audio running music.
  • Broadcatch - Radio automation system, based on techniques concerning hardware software encoding-decoding data playback automation using mpeg technology.
  • Automatronix - Programmable controls, visual aids, modes, events. Demo playback automation available.
  • Sound Sequencer - Professional live assist, automation and radio playout software for Windows. Supports multiple sound cards and multiple users.
  • Radiomation Ltd. - Integrated suite enabling radio and TV broadcasters to music and audio playback automation produce, manage, and automate.
  • AirTrafficControl by OnAirWare - Radio automation. Audio storage and control for live, music and audio playback automation live-assist, automated, and satellite operations.
  • Chris Moses Radio Server Player - Includes dual-soundcard support, intro count-in timer, DirectX software for minimal playback automation latency, talk-over fade control.

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