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A guide to Open Source software for the Windows platform. Lists most popular downloads and offers a review of each product.

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See Also:
  • Foss for Us - Lists free open source software for various platforms sorted by open source category, allows users to browse by function or by alternative open source for proprietary products.
  • Open Source Software Directory - Provides a list of open source software organized directories by categories.
  • BBC Open Source - Provides information about and links to BBC open open source source projects.
  • Open-Source Directory - Directory of open-source and just working programs.
  • SourceWell - A software announcement and retrieval system which gives open source updated open source news on open source software.
  • GNU/UNESCO Free Software Directory - Lists free software packages organized and searchable by category.
  • Opensourceinfo - A listing of distributions, applications and websites including their features. Includes forums, links and the latest news.
  • Goodie Domain Service - Software, shareware and lots of useful hints to open source related computers information. Includes directory, search and associated links.
  • Open Source Scripts - Directory of scripts in various languages (Perl, PHP, JavaScript, ...).
  • Open Source Windows - List of free open source software to perform common functions computers on a Microsoft Windows platform.
  • - Provides a list of software for Windows organized open source by open source categories.
  • OS Reviews - Website publishing reviews of free and open source software.
  • Ohloh - Provides metrics and analysis on thousands of open source projects directories and contributors.
  • UNESCO Free Software Portal - A central directory of Open Source software, designed for a worldwide audience. Includes the latest industry news.
  • Open Source Software in C# (C-Sharp) - Directory of open source software focused in C#.
  • Java Open Source Software - A directory of open source software focused on java.
  • Open Source Alternative - Helps you find open source alternatives to commercial directories software.
  • NASA Open Source Software - Lists open source projects that could be essential open source to computers NASA missions. Help NASA with development of open source their projects computers - or simple enjoy them.
  • My Open Source - A guide to Open Source software for the Windows platform. Lists most popular downloads and offers a review of each product.
  • IBM DeveloperWorks: Open Source - IBM\\'s open source site includes articles, tutorials and a list open source of open source projects.
  • Enterprise Open Source List - A human edited directory of professional Open Source Software intended computers for the IT community.
  • Open Source IT - Offers a directory dedicated to enterprise grade open source solutions.

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