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Linux-based site. Content is fairly technical; site has many links to other sites and articles. All the tech news that matters, with an Open Source software bent.

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Slashdot* - News for Nerds. Stuff that Matters.

  • Temple of the Screaming Penguin - Linux-based site. Content is fairly technical; site has computers many links news and media to other sites and articles. All computers the tech news that news and media matters, with an Open computers Source software bent.
  • Tectonic Open Source News - Open source news from South Africa including coverage open source of open source Linux and BSD.
  • BBC News: Legal Milestone for Open Source - Supporters of open source software are claiming victory after a news and media US court ruled copyright protection applies to their work.
  • Salon 21st: The free software story - A complete listing of Salon 21st coverage of open source Linux and the free software / open source open source movement.
  • Freshmeat - Daily news on the latest UNIX software releases. news and media Local mirrors of majors packages. Past news news and media are indexed and can be searched for keywords.
  • I4U News - News about emerging products and the future in open source personal technology.
  • Happy Birthday to GNU - A short film featuring Stephen Fry, to introduce computers the idea of free software and celebrate 25 computers years of the GNU/Linux operating system.
  • MozillaZine - General information on the Open Source Netscape project.
  • Apache Week - A weekly e-zine focused on Apache - it computers includes features, computers reviews, and Apache jobs.
  • Linux/Open Source - Portal covering distributions, databases, development, security and servers. open source Lists news and media technology news, white papers, newsfeeds and industry open source specific articles.
  • Advogato - Community resource site for developers of free software; news, and computers diary service.
  • - News opinion and analysis from an open source open source community with a common sense-based perspective.
  • Linux Today - News related to Open Source software and community computers (continuous, +email)
  • - News about the open source community.
  • Open Source Forge - Features news, community discussion forums, and open source press releases.
  • Commercial Open Source Software - Weblog analyzing commercial firms with open-source products.
  • Infolets - Explores projects, products, and ideas that are interesting, computers innovative or computers just plain unique.
  • O'Reilly OnLamp - Provides articles on the open source LAMP web computers platform. Roughly defined as (but not limited to) computers MySQL used in conjunction with Linux, Apache, and computers either Perl, Python, or PHP.
  • O'Reilly Open Source Center - Features open source books, resources, news and articles.
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  • Topix: Open Source - News about open source, collected from various sources on the web.[RSS]
  • eWeek: Linux - Linux and open source articles and reviews, from the magazine.[RSS]

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