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  • DerKeiler Linux Archive - A real-time updated archive of interesting linux-related mailing linux lists and newsgroups, covering RedHat, SuSE, Debian and linux the Linux Kernel.
  • Xgos Linux Accounting and Business Ethics - Linux news and opinion.
  • Linux in the UK - Alan Cox\\'s, UK oriented, Linux news and information site. Includes operating systems a gnuwhoo-like index of commercial Linux software. Updates weekly, event-driven.
  • PCLinuxOnline - Linux news and information, with a focus on the desktop.
  • Linuxpower - Collection of articles, editorials, and interviews to help news and media operating systems users harness the power of linux.
  • gnu-linux.net - Weekly Linux News Updates and Linux Links
  • LWN.net - Covering the Linux and free software communities since linux 1998. Provides information from the development community in linux an objective manner.
  • LinuxDig.com - Linux News and Resource site.
  • Linux Today - News, forum, related to Open Source software and community. Many items daily. Updates daily/hourly.
  • Geek Portal - News portal for up-to-date news of interest to news and media operating systems geeks.
  • Linux Broker - Linux newsgroups can be browsed online, daily news linux and applications releases tracking are also available. Linuxtech linux provides you LINUX support. Support is also provided linux through our hotline and consultancy services.
  • Open Source Penguin - A place for Linux fans to hang out, operating systems read the latest news about Linux, and check operating systems out reviews on the latest distros.
  • Tuxme.com - To give Windows power users (turned Linux newbies) a place news and media to keep up to date on the latest happenings in news and media Linux software and to discuss their problems, adventures, and accomplishments.
  • Linux Home Page - News links of interest to Linux enthusiasts and linux advocates, as linux well as related geek news, gathered linux on one page.
  • The Hungry Penguin - News, reviews and comments about the Linux operating system, GNU, linux Open Source software.
  • LinuxElectrons - Coverage of hardware and software, complete with reviews, how-to\'s, forums and features.
  • DryDeadFish.co.uk - Open Source news, information, and downloads. Showing no love towards operating systems Microsoft.
  • GNU What's New - Updates daily/weekly; and GNU's newsletter 2x/year.
  • LinuxWorld - News and editorial content for IS professionals. Updated often, as events dictate.
  • ComputerUser - Linux - Articles and Linux news, and links to resources.
  • LinuxGram - Industry news, including coverage of start-ups and standards linux development.
  • Tux Reports: Where Penguins Fly - Focusing on GNU/Linux, Tux Reports provides reviews, commentary, operating systems forum discussions, HOWTOs for kids, and links to operating systems news from other websites. Earn your wings and operating systems learn to fly on your GNU/Linux system.
  • Linux.org: Linux in the news - Another listing of press articles. Updates every few days.
  • Geek Time Linux - Tips and tweaks for Linux, Linux operating system news and media operating systems previews and reviews, forums, and targeted learning.
  • Linux PR - Press Release and Public Relations resource for the Linux community.
  • The OpenNet Project - Unix Portal (Linux, *BSD, Solaris) - Unix resources in the Internet and software catalogs news and media Documentation archive. Software reviews. Articles filtered from Usenet. news and media Unix search engine.
  • LinuxZone.Org- Your Linux Portal - Linux portal with Linux News, Forum, and Tutorials.
  • Linux Med News - Event calendar and news about open source medical news and media news and media software.
  • Linux News - Topix - News on Linux collected from diverse sources on news and media the web.
  • NPR Science Friday : The ABCs of Linux - A discussion of the basics of Linux. Guests: Bill McCarty, linux author of Learning Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Fedora, and linux Wade Roush, senior editor for Technology Review. [32:34 streaming audio linux broadcast]
  • OS News - News of many OSs, includes Linux. Updates daily.
  • LinuxReviews - A site dedicated to Linux news, how-to\\'s, tips operating systems and news and media help.
  • All about Linux - Tips and tricks in using and administering Linux.
  • LinuxAtHome - Linux news and help for broadband internet users.
  • The Linux Portal - This site provides information and support to Linux news and media users in the UK. Specific attention is paid news and media to Content Management Systems and the ability for news and media users to publish their own content.
  • LinuxDailyNews.com - Aggregated headlines from the Independent Linux and Open news and media news and media Source Network.
  • Librenix - Linux news and information.
  • NewsNow - 24-hour newsfeed aggregating breaking Linux and Open Source news and media news and media headlines from more than 20 of the Web\\'s news and media news and media most prestigious web sites. Sources: CNET, TechWeb, Wired, news and media news and media The Register, Slashdot, CRN, and Linux Today. Updates news and media news and media every 5 minutes, every day.
  • FreshMeat - Unix news site that keeps up with latest application releases. operating systems Slick customizable interface. Local mirrors of major packages. Past news operating systems indexed, searchable by keyword. Updates hourly.
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  • eWeek: Linux - Linux and open source articles and reviews, from the magazine.[RSS]
  • Slashdot - Linux and other technology news for nerds.[RSS]
  • LXer - All Linux news headlines aggregated, includes direct link to stories from all sources worldwide.[RSS]
  • Topix: Linux - News about linux, collected from various sources on the web.[RSS]

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