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This category is for open source games playable only through a browser, that require no user downloads other than optional "image packs" which reduce the player's waiting time for pages to download. This includes games written in PHP, Java, Javascript, Flash/Shockwave, Perl and other languages where game requires a browser only interface.

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See Also:
  • Legend of the Green Dragon - A remake of the classic BBS Door game, software Legend of software the Red Dragon (aka LoRD) by software Seth Able Robinson. It software is written in PHP, software using a MySQL backend, the game\\'s software source code software is licensed under the GNU GPL.
  • phpRPG - A multiplayer fantasy roleplaying game driven by PHP software and MySQL, with aims to develop a web-based software game engine which shares common qualities between multiple software user dungeons (MUDs), paper and pen RPGs and software computer RPGs. [GPL]
  • Quantum Star: Generations - A space strategy game involving Mining, Combat, Exploration, software Planets and browser based Clans played in real time. (PHP/SQL) software [AGPL]
  • Blacknova Traders - Multi-player space exploration and strategy game (PHP) [GPL].
  • SpyWar - SpyWar is an online strategic game in development phase. (PHP, games PostgreSQL) [Linux] [GPL] {status: halted}
  • BMTron - Multi-player tron light cycles game for 1-4 players with teamplay browser based mode. (Java) [GPL]

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