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Heterogeneous Network Computing Environment is a software environment designed to help programmers write parallel programs. Source code and users guide.

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  • Tuning and Analysis Utilities - A visual programming and performance analysis environment. Papers parallel computing and manual.
  • TreadMarks - Distributed Shared Memory System - Provides a global shared address space across a programming cluster. Papers parallel computing and documentation.
  • BMDFM (Binary Modular DataFlow Machine) - Automatic parallel execution of sequential applications on SMP environments computers. environments Identifies all parallelism by static and environments dynamic scheduling. No environments parallelizing directives are required. environments Uses Dataflow.
  • Proteus Programming System - An architecture-independent parallel programming language, with translators for environments specific environments. Papers and binaries.
  • P4 - Macros and subroutines for writing parallel programs in programming both C environments and Fortran. Manual, papers, and programming source code.
  • Tons Of Numerical Services - To produce a computing environment that will provide an alternative parallel computing to MatLab, Octave, RLab, and the others (maybe even C/Fortran parallel computing + MPI). The environment will have to consist of a parallel computing good language, visualization capabilities, and an effective computing engin
  • IRSR - Invisionix Roaming System Remote - Grid Computing style meta system which utilizes the Internet\\'s existing web hosting \\'grid\\' as its platform. It\\'s effectively a distributed private/portable PC system built by integrating existing Open Source components.
  • HeNCE - Heterogeneous Network Computing Environment is a software environment parallel computing designed parallel computing to help programmers write parallel programs. parallel computing Source code parallel computing and users guide.
  • Eiffel Parallel Execution Environment - An object oriented design framework for programming distributed environments memory parallel environments computers. Publications bibliography.
  • Harness Project - Papers about research into a parallel plug-in interface parallel computing and parallel computing distributed peer-to-peer control builds on the concept parallel computing of the parallel computing Distributed Virtual Machine.

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