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Builds parallel computing clusters from commodity hardware using a high performance communication subsystem. Information about products, downloadable manuals, research papers.

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  • ParTec - Builds parallel computing clusters from commodity hardware using parallel computing a high performance communication subsystem. Information about products, parallel computing downloadable manuals, research papers.
  • Pallas - Compilers and developers\' tools for high performance and parallel computing.
  • Multitude - Designs massively parallel computers. DANCE compiler available for vendors download.
  • Myricom - High-performance networking for cluster communication. Sells interconnect hardware and vendors provides open-source message passing software. Product information, benchmarks, and vendors links to customer research projects.
  • Brain Murmurs - Research and development in software for parallel computers.
  • Dolphin Interconnect - Scalable Coherent Interface adapter cards, bridge chips, switches, parallel computing and Beowulf kits. Product information, whitepapers, benchmarks, parallel computing and drivers available for download.
  • Southwest Parallel Software - SPSoft provides high-performance and high-throughput bioinformatics software solutions computers on general-purpose computer systems.
  • TurboLinux Products - Software to turn an existing network of computers into a cluster.
  • PSP group at UT Austin - PSP stands for Programs, Specifications and Proofs. The vendors emphasis of vendors the work of our group is vendors to derive parallel vendors and distributed programs in vendors a rigorous manner.
  • Emulex - Develops, markets and supports high-performance storage networking products parallel computing for computers Intel-based server clusters.
  • DeVita Associates - Distributor of Beowulfs and custom failover cluster systems. Product information and white papers about clustering.
  • The Portland Group - PGI is an independent supplier of high performance vendors scalar and parallel compilers and tools for vendors workstations, servers, and high-performance computing systems.
  • Platform Computing Corporation - Offers high performance computing software. Product information, white parallel computing papers, vendors event listings, and manuals available.

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