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  • Xceed Encryption Library - Provides data encryption and hashing services with supports com for AES, cryptography Twofish, RSA, SHA-2, and HAVAL algorithms. com By Xceed Software Inc. cryptography [Component, Commercial]
  • Chilkat Easy RSA - for certificate-based public-key encryption, decryption, and digital signature com creation and validation. [Component, Commercial]
  • AspEncrypt - An active server component that provides file encryption com and digital-signature functionality, S/MIME-based secure mail support and com X.509 certificate management capabilities. Requires runtime licensing. com By Persits Software, Inc. [Component, Commercial]
  • Polar Crypto - COM component for data encryption/decryption. Supports AES (Rijndael), components Twofish, and SHA-1 algorithms. By Polar.
  • EasyByte Cryptocx - Supports 128 bit Blowfish, 192 bit file encryption com and intrinsic 512-8096 bit PGP based encryption. Requires com runtime licensing on servers. [Component, Commercial]
  • CryptoTools - Encryption component. DES, 3DES, MD5, RSA and BASE64. cryptography Encrypt Variants and files. By GCE. [Component, Commercial]
  • Chilkat Crypt - Supports up to 256-bit AES, 2048-bit RSA public-key cryptography cryptography, and cryptography digital signature creation and validation. By cryptography Chilkat Software, Inc. cryptography [Component, Commercial]
  • ABCCrypto - A component for encrypting and decrypting files and components data. By cryptography WebSupergoo.

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