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  • ActiveX UserManager Library. - Set of components for creating, deleting, and managing user accounts, groups, servers and domains in the Windows NT environment. By PSTRUH Software. [Component, Commercial]
  • AspUser - Commercial ASP component for NT user, group, password and file components permisson management for an IIS and ASP environment. By Persits components Software, Inc.
  • ServiceUtility - An ActiveX component to stop, start, bounce (quick system management stop com and start) and query the status of system management Windows operating com system services. By Essential Methods. [Shareware]
  • RegServer - Free component to register COM component programmatically. By Christoph Wille.
  • ActiveX RegEdit Library. - Set of components to read/enumerate/modify windows registry keys and values. By PSTRUH Software. [Component, Commercial]
  • AspEventlog - Free component for writing to NT event logs. com By Christoph components Wille.
  • aaxIniFile - A component that gives an easy access to any standard com .ini initialization file. [Shareware]
  • Adiscon ActiveLogger - Component to write to the Windows NT event log and or a Unix syslog daemon.
  • Stonebroom.RegEx - A COM component that makes it easy to access and system management work with the Windows registry. By Stonebroom Software.
  • aaxDriveManager - A component that gives an easy access to manage disk and CDROM drives. [Shareware]
  • aaxRegistry - A control that gives an easy access to the Windows system management Registry. [Shareware]
  • AspEventViewer - Free component for reading and clearing NT event log entries. com By Christoph Wille.
  • aaxBattery - A control that gives the state of the system management battery on laptop/notebook computer. [Shareware]
  • THBRegIni - A set of COM components allowing to access com and modify the Windows Registry and Ini-Files. It com integrates the AES strong encryption algorithm supporting 128, com 192, 256bit encryption keys. By THBComponentware. [Commercial]
  • AspQPerfCounters - Free component to query NT performance counter values. com By Christoph Wille.
  • VersionInfo - Free component to query file version information. By system management Christoph system management Wille.
  • ScriptUtilities - Contains classes that provide access to ADVAPI, kernel, components process, and thread API functions. Also includes INI components file access, text file logging, and zlib compression components functions. By PSTRUH Software. [Component, Commercial]
  • FileFunctions - A shareware COM object for accessing files and directories, similar to FileSystemObject. By Jeroen Ritmeijer.
  • Profiler - Free high resolution timing component to assist in measuring the efficiency of code sections. By Christoph Wille.
  • Vyapin Software Systems Pvt Ltd. - Developer of Advanced Developer EXtensions (ADEX) compoment set com (registry, connections, servicies, schedules and shares management).

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